one falling leaf is indicative of the coming of autumn

2020-11-19 22:42:40  作者:Orange college photo Island

Beijing , After autumn, there is always a drizzle . At noon , It's getting brighter , The air is fresh , The window is golden and ochre green , It's like walking into a colorful gallery .

Walking in the woods , The leaves are no longer green in summer , This corner , That point , It's like hiding a lot of stories , But I want to say it's not .

In the chilly wind , Little flowers , The shy flower bud is crystal clear .

The most common is these red fruits , Hidden among the branches and leaves , More unrestrained than flowers , It's like a small cup of fragrant liquor , Intoxicating .

I don't know what kind of tree , The branches are soaked in rain , Give birth to little mushrooms , Layer cascade folds , It's like a shell on the sea floor .

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