Please don't laugh at our work, photography, we are serious

2020-11-19 22:42:38  作者:Orange college photo Island

In a big city ,996 This kind of rhythm of life should be regarded as more tragic . But who knows , There is also a pain called weekend , There is a kind of bitter call to stay up late to film / Trim .

I believe most photographers have experienced this rhythm of life , But who care. Customers want results , Keep the process in your heart and taste it slowly , Sobbing ~~~

Customers abuse me thousands of times , I treat my clients like first love . Don't ask me how to be strong , I'll tell you how strong patience is , How powerful is the heart .

Design well , Photography , This kind of graphic work is very subjective . A piece of the same work for ten different people , There are ten different opinions .

A thousand BOSS There are a thousand Hamlets in my heart , They play the role of chief designer , And we're more like an executive .

Ideal and reality are a contradiction .

The ideal photographer / Designers are looking forward to originality , Hope customers can give a high price 、 There's plenty of time for you to plan all this . They have enough confidence , Because I feel that I am more professional .

But the reality is ? Low price 、 Urgent time and all kinds of exotic demands , You have to break all these illusions . You can only do what they want , The shutter keeps clicking .

Logically speaking , The effect the customer wants and the product provided should be in direct proportion to , But some clients want to “ Spend one cent on a picture of two cents .”

I remember once I received a client who wanted to make moon cakes , Price is 9.9 element / box 4 A moon cake in a suit . You didn't hear me wrong , The price is 9.9 element , He asked that the moon cake be made into 99 Yuan a box of feeling . Oh, my God , It looks like mung bean cake “ thin ”, There's no yolk in it , I'm afraid it's a little difficult .

E-commerce photographer

See the picture above , I don't know if you have ever bought such a cheap moon cake . Ha ha ha ~~~

Sometimes the past goes against my wishes , I thought you did what they asked you to , Finally, the deal can be successfully completed . but , But I was ridiculed for your plans and works . I can't help laughing at myself , Oh, my God , You are the chief designer , I'm just an executive, OK ?

Please don't laugh at our work , because , We are serious about photography .

Progress together , We should encourage each other , Spit out Photographers / Designers are not happy . The following works in this issue , Like to like it .

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