Spring is coming

2020-11-19 22:42:30  作者:Photography paradise

Cherry Blossom Garden in spring

Spring is coming , Earth recovery , Flowers are in full bloom , There is a lively scene everywhere . With the sunshine of spring , The cherry blossoms are in bloom , It's tender , It's so enjoyable . Birds seem more interested in cherry blossoms , Every time this season , They will follow the color, smell and breath . They come alone , There are also people who come in company . The cherry trees spread their wings , The mouth chirps unceasingly .

Cherry blossom is the symbol of spring .

At this time , People go out to enjoy the spring . Cherry blossom is a place people like to go . The cherry blossom is the time of women's day , Women wear beautiful clothes , Put on your make-up , Take a shadow under the cherry tree .

Birds because of cherry blossoms , And because of so many beautiful women . See the colors , Gorgeous beauty , They're all in high spirits, too , Have a better time , Regardless of people's reach . This coke broke the photographers with guns . They're kittens , Aim at the viewfinder , Click on the shutter and keep on . The beautiful sound adds atmosphere to the cherry blossom garden . The cameramen get a lot from this click .

for the past several years , I also joined in the party , Pretending to carry a camera , Come to Shimen Forest Park in Nanning , Look at the flowers , Shoot at a bird . see , I took some exercises and sent them out , Just to give you a sense , I don't know if you can enjoy spring ?


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