What is the model accuracy and resolution / scale in oblique photography?

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Tilt photography is a hot topic recently , But it also raises some questions , Some units or companies that need to tilt photographic data , Want to combine with existing data , To demand from the outside is , Can you do it 1:500 The accuracy of the ? We have a lot of 1:500 Line drawing of ,dlg chart , Whether it can be perfectly combined ?

Those who are not professional in aerial photography or have little contact with similar topics will be confused , What is? 1:500, Can't you just tell me you need a model with a few centimeters accuracy ?

This article briefly introduces several concepts here , Hope to be able to meet in the work this aspect doubts the friend a little help .

Concept : The scale is to show the line on the graph [ Line segment ][Line segment] The ratio of the actual length of the corresponding line segment on the ground .

The formula : scale = The ratio of the distance on the graph to the actual distance .

Representation : Numerical scale 、 Graphic scale and text scale .

explain :( The difference between the scale of a three-dimensional map and that of a two-dimensional map )

There are a lot of new contacts GIS A friend of mine has encountered the problem that the scale of 3D map will change , The concept of scale is ambiguous , Here's an illustration .

Let's start with two screenshots of the scale map software

Map of Heaven online map website :【[http://map.tianditu.com/map/index.html][http_map.tianditu.com_map_index.html]】

Two dimensional map scale --- Sky map online map

LocaSpaceViewer The website links 【[http://www.locaspace.cn/][http_www.locaspace.cn]】

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