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I usually listen to satellite films / Satellite imagery / I've heard a lot about aerial photography , Let's take a look first The development of remote sensing , Let me borrow it directly here 【 China Science Fair 】 Text content ,

Original address :[http://cloud.kepu.cn/space/ygyszdq/radi_ygzl/201506/t20150609_13010.html][http_cloud.kepu.cn_space_ygyszdq_radi_ygzl_201506_t20150609_13010.html]


Remote sensing originated from 19 Aerial photography of the century , At that time, it was mainly used for aerial reconnaissance . With the development of platform technology , Gradually entering the stage of aerial remote sensing . Modern remote sensing is based on aerial photography , stay 20 century 60 A new technology developed at the beginning of the s . Starting for aerial remote sensing , since 1972 After the United States launched the first land satellite in , This marks the beginning of the era of space remote sensing . After decades of rapid development , Become a practical , Advanced space exploration technology .

Here are the milestones in the development of remote sensing :

1800 year : The infrared band is Sir W. Herschel Find out

1839 year : Photography practice appears

1847 year : The infrared spectrum is J.B.L. Foucault Find out

1859 year : Take pictures of the ground from a balloon platform

1873 year : The theory of electromagnetic spectrum is J.C. Maxwell Find out

1903 year : The invention of the airplane

1909 year : Take pictures of the ground from the aircraft platform

1914-1918 year : During World War I , The discipline system of aerial photogrammetry has gradually formed

1931-1945 year : During the second world war , The electromagnetic band outside visible light is widely used

1957 year : The former Soviet Union launched the first man-made earth satellite

1959 year : Get the first image of the earth from space

1960 year : First TIROS A series of meteorological satellites were launched

1960 year : The world's first laser was born

1962 year : The first environmental remote sensing conference was held , It marks the transition from photogrammetry to remote sensing

1972 year :Landsat-1 (ERTS-1) Successful launch , carry MSS sensor

1973 year :Skylab The beginning of human application of radar altimeter

1978 year :SEASAT The successful launch marks SAR Entering a new era of space earth observation

1982 year :Landsat-4 Successful launch , carry TM sensor

1986 year : France launched the first commercial Earth Observation Satellite SPOT

1986 year : Hyperspectral sensors AVRIS Developing applications

1993 year : Germany has successfully developed the first commercial airborne lidar system TopScan

1993 year : The United States and Canada have successfully developed an airborne laser sounding system SHOALS

1999 year :NASA launch EOS A series of satellites , Mainly carry MODIS sensor

1999 year : launch IKONOS, Entering the era of commercial high-resolution satellites

1999 year : China's first land resource satellite, China Pakistan resource satellite 01 Star successfully launched

2000 year :EO-1 Satellite launch , Mainly carry ALI and HYPERION sensor

2000 year : Space shuttle Interferometric Radar mapping program SRTM Successful implementation

2002 year : EU large environmental satellite ENVISAT-1 Successful launch

2003 year : The first spaceborne lidar ICESat-1/GLAS Successful launch

2004 year : The world's first commercial airborne full waveform lidar system has been successfully developed

2006 year : The world's first applied spaceborne lidar system CALIPOSO Successful launch

2007 year : Germany TanDEM-X The satellite was successfully launched

2009 year : The world's highest precision DEM data ASTER GDEM Release

2009 year : The world's first greenhouse gas satellite GOSAT Successful launch

2013 year : China high score series 1 The satellite was successfully launched

2013 year : The Landsat series Landsat-8 Successful launch

2013 year : The first synthetic aperture satellite of China HJ-1C Successful launch

2014 year : EU sentinel series 1A Star successfully launched


The above is almost our daily map website or map app The satellite image we saw in it .

A common phenomenon , Almost all the houses we see on such maps are slanted , I'll put one here , A screenshot of a certain area in Shanghai

Data sources 【 Sky map 】

Think Google data is better ? So here's a screenshot of Google data , It's all the same

Data sources 【LocaSpaceViewer】- Google Maps

See here , My friends who have done vectorization according to the satellite film should have deep feelings , Which is the corner of the house , The vectorized lines are all pressed on the roof !!!!!

Only a short while ago , Numerous scholars want to process satellite images into real projective images that can be projected vertically onto the ground , Little effect . The definition of true projective image is also quoted here

Link to the original text :[http://xueshu.baidu.com/s?wd=paperuri:(0374bf818debf29d3d50409a3f5a4773)&filter=sc_long_sign&sc_ks_para=q%3D%E4%BC%A0%E7%BB%9F%E6%AD%A3%E5%B0%84%E5%BD%B1%E5%83%8F%E5%92%8C%E7%9C%9F%E6%AD%A3%E5%B0%84%E5%BD%B1%E5%83%8F&tn=SE_baiduxueshu_c1gjeupa&ie=utf-8&sc_us=8214084837435359424][http_xueshu.baidu.com_s_wd_paperuri_0374bf818debf29d3d50409a3f5a4773_filter_sc_long_sign_sc_ks_para_q_3D_E4_BC_A0_E7_BB_9F_E6_AD_A3_E5_B0_84_E5_BD_B1_E5_83_8F_E5_92_8C_E7_9C_9F_E6_AD_A3_E5_B0_84_E5_BD_B1_E5_83_8F_tn_SE_baiduxueshu_c1gjeupa_ie_utf-8_sc_us_8214084837435359424]&filter=sc*long*sign&sc*ks*para=q%3D%E4%BC%A0%E7%BB%9F%E6%AD%A3%E5%B0%84%E5%BD%B1%E5%83%8F%E5%92%8C%E7%9C%9F%E6%AD%A3%E5%B0%84%E5%BD%B1%E5%83%8F&tn=SE*baiduxueshu*c1gjeupa&ie=utf-8&sc_us=8214084837435359424)

Digital true projective image (TDOM) It's using digital surface models (DSM), Using digital differential correction technology , Correct the geometric distortion of the original image , After resampling the whole survey area , An image map formed by correcting the view angle of an image to a vertical one

To make a long story short , The image is the result of the vertical projection of buildings on the ground .

As of today , Is there a real projective image , The answer is yes

At present, the main implementation process is tilt photography , After the calculation of space three, the three-dimensional model of aerial photography results is obtained , The texture of the 3D model is projected vertically .

Look at some renderings , This is based on the UAV aerial photography , Advanced line space three generation model, and then generate the effect of real projective image , At the same time, make a comparison with the satellite data

aerial -- Real shooting

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