Smart3d black technology - one computer running multiple engines, do you support it?

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The normal application is to install a set of Smart3D, If the performance is not enough, cluster it .

Yesterday, a group friend asked me about a computer passing through Sandboxie System security tools to achieve a computer running empty three , The problem of speeding up data processing .

The problem is how to use data efficiently in the process of data production CPU、GPU、 Memory 、 Disk problems .

Here is a personal understanding as a reference , Please point out any mistakes and mistakes :

Sandboxie It's like a virtual machine , It's a closed sandbox , It is equivalent to virtualizing the hardware resources of a computer into multiple independent computers , About sandboxie resources ( Memory 、cpu、gpu、 disk ) The hardware allocation is not explained too much , I don't know much about it .

The proposed solution is cluster , Multiple machines calculate together .sandboxie It also takes advantage of this feature .

The first stage of the space three process selecting pairs: Read pictures , Analysis of homonyms , This is mainly disk reading and writing ,cpu.

The second stage of the space three process initializing orentation: Attitude calibration , The space position of each photo is calculated by the same name : Mainly memory 、cpu

The third stage :performating adjustment Spatial framework construction , The main consumption of resources :cpu、 Memory will also take up a lot

production Production:cpu、 Memory 、GPU Interactive occupancy , Sometimes cpu Run full 、 Sometimes the memory runs full 、 Sometimes GPU Run full 、 Sometimes the disks are huge IO

notes : Want to learn more , It can be calculated at the same time , Open Task Manager , Take a look at resource occupancy . Maybe different versions have different occupancy after optimization , The above is based on 3.2 Version Watch

in addition , The new version of the smart3d Support cluster running empty three , Comparison 3.2 The version is a big breakthrough .

I don't know it's a bad memory when I'm old , It's the version update that leads to , I feel like the stage of empty three has changed .

During the test, a new resource occupancy observation record was made .600 Multiple sheets 2000 Megapixel movies , edition V4.4.9.516



The disk occupancy is relatively high ,cpu And memory usage is high and low

selecting pairs-1

cpu Mostly , But not stable high occupancy

initializing orientation-1

cpu Almost all the time , Memory and disk usage are low (51-73%), And it's going to get stuck 73% for ages .

Quickly switch to 83%, Go to the next step

matching tie points-1

matching tie points-2

performing bundle adjustment-1

performing bundle adjustment-2

equalizing images

Another conclusion :master The progress bar shown above is not the actual scale .

When the single machine configuration remains unchanged : disk io Limited by disk access speed 、 Air three process cannot be optimized , Data generation production, The blocking mode will affect the memory usage , You can adjust the rules and size of the blocks .

In the case of clusters : Pay special attention to disk access speed because of the switch and network cable factors 、 Short board machines in clusters .

In this case, if you use Gigabit cable , 100 megabyte switch , The influence is clear without words .

  1. Single machine environment recommendations cpu As often as possible ( Official instructions in the help document )、 Disk can be considered solid state 、 Jixian almost means .
  2. In a cluster environment : Switch and network cable should be matched , So many machines are configured , It's not worth getting stuck here .

For disk io bottleneck , Consider disk arrays , Or put the photos on different disks , The output files are put on different disks .

about reconstruction Block of : In principle, it is suggested that the larger the memory, the better , The display effect and data volume of too many images in blocks , Because the blocks and the edges of the blocks overlap , And it's too fast , Loading speed will be affected , You can contrast 3000 The loading speed of the above blocks and 100 once .

For the imbalance of resource possession : Virtual machines or sandboxes are optimized :

This is the single machine multi open test results .

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