Global mapper -- merge and crop TIF format images and terrain

2020-11-19 22:42:11  作者:Tilt photography and smart3d (context capture) tutorial

Images produced by oblique photography , The terrain result data is easy to block in the following figure , The black edge problem , Irregular shape problem .

The last article introduced the black edge processing of data . This paper gives a brief introduction to merging and tailoring .


Faster data , Drag it all at once to globalmapper Inside .

Click on the menu and choose export grid or image .

Select the format as geotif.

If it's image data, set it up 24bit. If the terrain is set to 8bit.

Since it's consolidated data , Just choose to export all .

tailoring :

There are two forms of tailoring , One is direct rectangle clipping , The other is to cut according to the polygon .

Direct rectangle clipping :

Rectangle clipping can be done directly , Draw a polygon when exporting . You can also type 4 The coordinates of the angles .

Drag and drop to draw a rectangle .

Vector polygon clipping method

Vector polygon can be directly drawn through the familiar third-party software or this software directly . Here we use ls v For example .

The same km l Drag and drop to add to the software .

First select the face feature that you want to use as the clipping range .

Then select the raster data object to be trimmed .

Click apply to finish

Remove element highlighting effect .

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