Global mapper -- removing black edges of TIF images

2020-11-19 22:42:10  作者:Tilt photography and smart3d (context capture) tutorial

smart3d,pix4d Wait for data processing software to process dom, If you don't set up transparent support , There will be black edges .

( Transparent support is often not set up to speed up processing , Reduce data volume )

LSV If the downloaded satellite image is exported by boundary , There will also be black edges .

  1. Open software globalmapper13, Find the data ///*.tif

  1. Drag and drop tif To globalmapper, It is also possible to use open data to select

  1. Click the layer button , Turn on layer control , Select the layer you want to set transparent , Click on layer control options Options

  1. Check Transparent, Set the color that needs to be transparent , Here's black

  1. The effect of setting transparency is shown in the figure

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