The answer to a Book

2020-11-19 22:38:46  作者:Photographic literature

When you receive the express , It's the beginning of the day . On this early winter night , The days that are about to cool down , A favorite book is not meant to be a necessity for heating , It's like a freshly baked dessert , It's still steaming hot ink , To a hungry mouth . You don't want to , You can't swallow it in one bite , You'd rather chew in small bites , Taste the glutinous soft between the lines , Soft and smooth , And the mellow aroma of aging .

Take it in your hand and weigh it , Light is heavy . Each book is only more than 20 yuan , So cheap , But so beautiful , So expensive , Too heavy to be materialized . It's like someone said , The better things are, the more free they are , Like sunlight , It is also the most easily ignored and ignored . For example, those superficial greetings and interruptions , But become a light in the haze , A smile lit up in an instant , As light as a gust of wind , I've seen it, but I don't forget it .

The value of a book must lie in the eyes that love it , It's the moment when you read it , As quiet as water , Such as the fall and obsession of love at first sight . It is consistent with the laws that it abides by , It's up to you to interpret , It does not refute or interpret , Challenge your wisdom, your accumulation . You give everything you have , It's an understatement , Open the trap , Suddenly , It's worth it .

You finally understand : original , A good day is a beautiful sentence , It's a reading of fireworks , Porridge is always warm in the pan ; It's a stroll in the afternoon with her skirt , Qingchou is intercepted by a full stop , Or delineate , Or take away . You look at , Happy people in the world , How many , You're not one of them ? Sad people in the world , How many , You're not the only one . You're not the first one , It's not the last one , You're normal and normal .

You've just found the answer on a page by accident , In fact, it has been waiting for a long time .

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