I wasted my time in the rain

2020-11-19 22:38:45  作者:Photographic literature

It's been raining today , This is the first rain since winter , not big , Patter... Patter . I don't like rain , It has no romance . Listen to the rain outside , More lonely . Do something ?

I choose to cover the damp with songs . I haven't practiced songs for a long time K Singing , Challenge yourself again . Cantonese , It's what I'm looking forward to most , It's more interesting than English . Especially with the melody , It has the charm and tone of Song Ci , Beautiful beyond words . I know my voice is limited , But I still want to try to surpass . Practice pronunciation and rhythm over and over again , Tired and irritating . Selflessness , insane , The feeling of devotion is actually very good .

Copy a few more pages of the book , Calm down , I can't hold my wrist , I realized I wasn't strong enough , And powerless .

You have to admit , There are a lot of things out of control , Even the pen in my hand , It's not going to work , Strokes are not the effect you want .

A song , Two pages of words , Spent the night . Waste time on what you like , willingly .

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[ song 《 blessing 》][song _ blessing]![](//inotgo.com/imagesLocal/202011/19/202011192221561587_0.jpg)

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