Let me go for a moment

2020-11-19 22:38:44  作者:Photographic literature

Let me leave for a while, from one afternoon to late at night, I meet it in a hurry, and then indulge in the temporary shelter from the rain and the messy umbrella

It has enough garden, enough fresh roses for me to pick, and enough beautiful love words to make me believe that I am loved and loved

It ignores my beauty and asks me to approach and save each other's desolation under the banner of understanding

I lay in its arms, unscrupulously graffiti its face and hands, this is my only free to spend words, it is one A default

Wave line is my heart in the ups and downs, I have not yet said the words were preemptive voice, it turns out that we all love the same things, even lose the same

I'm sorry I forgot to say good night, even to a book, how innocent and loyal it is

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