Xi'an: a wonderful man who refuses to pay 203 yuan for a blind date and insists on the AA system

2020-11-19 22:38:40  作者:Clapping

In recent days, , A man and a woman in Xi'an insist on not paying for the meal , The shopkeeper had no choice but to call the police .

When the man said the blind date, the woman also brought a stranger , Ordered a table of dishes , A total of flowers. 203 element .

Is the consumption level of Xi'an so low ? Three people order a table , It only took 203 element ? What can I eat ? I remember going to Xi'an ten years ago , Bowl biangbiang Noodles will be ready for me 68 element . Their big table dish is a bowl of noodles per person ? From the video , They seem to have had a hot pot .

The man said that the two had a good talk AA, The woman left first and then couldn't get in touch , The man refused to pay the bill .