Red willow and barbecue

2020-11-19 22:38:39  作者:Clapping

Red willow barbecue is a famous food in Northwest China . Red willow , also called : Tamarix , Tamarix ramosissima . Tamarix plants , Shrubs or small trees , For the desert saline alkali land afforestation tree species , In Xinjiang of our country 、 gansu 、 It is widely distributed in Inner Mongolia and other places .

In Lop Nur in the northwest , People first barbecue mutton with red willow sticks , There used to be a lack of resources , No seasoning , Only salt , Red willow has the function of deodorizing and improving fragrance , So mutton kebabs are especially delicious , It's the best barbecue .

Cold natural climate , So that people in the plateau are easy to suffer from rheumatism , The tender branches and green leaves of red willow in spring are good medicine for this stubborn disease , How many people can get rid of the suffering of illness . therefore , Tibetan people also affectionately call her “ Guanyin willow ” and “ Bodhisattva tree ”. Red willow leaves are green and flowers are red , The branches and leaves can be used medicinally . Even if the leaves fall in winter , The end of the branch is also red , Add a touch of light to the Gobi in winter .