Introduction to light and shadow in portrait photography

2020-11-19 22:35:22  作者:human figures photography

The theme of this issue is portrait shooting , It's also from this issue , We will enter the study and communication of portrait shooting . Portrait shooting may be more difficult than scenery food still life , Because our subjects are dynamic , There is emotion , Have thoughts , There are activities , Expressive subject . Discover and capture the character's characteristics , Avoid the character's weaknesses , Became the basis of this kind of thematic photography . Of course , Want to shoot good portraits , It's not just about mastering light and shadow , Composition , color , There has to be character building , The environmental atmosphere sets off , Grasp the overall style and a series of requirements . The road grows longer and longer , Let's open the door together , Learn and improve together .

Today, I'd like to share with you the Italian female photographer Marta Bevacqua Some portrait photography works .

This is a close-up of the lips , Added rainbow light source , So that our eyes are suddenly attracted to the past , It's a function similar to highlighting the point .

This is a natural shot against the light , It's easy to darken your skin when you shoot against light , So it's very important to have a late fix .

One side shot of the full body , The composition in the middle , The natural movement of hair with the wind makes the composition of the rules more flexible .

This is a close-up of a hand , Often used in our portrait shooting to capture the details of the supplement .

This is a half length portrait with a side backlight at an upward angle , Set in the sky , Clean highlights the subject .

Again , Against a black background , Remove the complex environment color , Let's focus on the portrait , To achieve a good focus effect .

Contrast of warm and cold colors of background color in a three line composition , As well as the character clothing color match contrast , It makes the color of this photo active and undulating .

This is a close-up of our head , Big aperture effect , The facial features and facial expressions of the characters are presented in three dimensions , Add a flower as a decoration , In line with the character's temperament and characteristics .

This composition is still shot from a low angle , The ferris wheel and sky in the background have a geometric style , Black and white colors are simple and clear , The action and hairstyle of the portrait are natural and fluent , Along with the gender , natural .

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