Portrait face refinement | photographic notes

2020-11-19 22:35:21  作者:human figures photography

This time, the sharing of the intensive course of portrait face , I did a live broadcast , Then through the on-site repair film combined with the form of explanation to show to my club members , And members from all over the country . The whole video sharing time is about the same 50 Minutes less than , And then I showed you , How to refine the process , From small to small , From imperfection to shape adjustment , And then to the skin color , And the final fine-tuning of the details . The basic function of each item , And how to achieve the desired effect . There are two ways to repair the mobile phone . The goal is the same , But there are many ways .

The whole sharing process is about 50 Minutes less than , The highest number of people online 10k about , After a look, we are still very interested in the portrait refinement . Probably , There are a lot of portrait shooting in mobile phone photography , both , Our film is also more suitable for self portrait . In the past, people used to use beautiful pictures and beautiful pictures , Beauty camera and other popular self-image Software , With the improvement of Aesthetics , You will find out , Meitu's one button dermabrasion effect is too distorted , In short , It's just that the skin is a little fake , Not natural , Not realistic , No texture . So I'm interested in more demanding practices .

After the whole sharing , There are about 20K About the number of views . The traffic is OK , Will encourage me to continue to share and write more photography courses for you . And then in order to write about photography , travel , Food and other blog articles to share with you .

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