People like you can sprout everywhere

2020-11-19 22:35:18  作者:human figures photography

I saw you for the first time under the stairs of the three religions , You just recorded a little video of the pure land of bliss , A circle of friends . honestly , I'm a little shy , Go up and talk to you , I'm still a little nervous .

“ Hello , Can I take a group of pictures for you ?”

That's what I should have told you , I don't know why , I just wanted to take a group of pictures for you .

During filming , We talked a lot about each other's lives , Say it's each other , In fact, you are always saying that I am listening to .

Feeling , Our personalities are relative , You can follow the people in the video, regardless of the eyes of the people around you MMP, But I really wanted to cover my face and leave , Pretending not to know you . however , Seriously, I'm a little envious of you , I care about other people's eyes , Care what others think of me , What do you think of the pictures I took , Others say “ I don't think you can do it ” It's going to make me miserable , Maybe I know in my heart that people who say this sentence can't actually get To my style 、 The hue and the image of this “ people ”, But! , I still have emotions , It will even affect my mood all day , Even a good sentence is the same . So , I envy people like you .

It's the first time I've done this style , It's different from asking you to laugh , laugh , Just by your side and listening to you talk about your past , Hold up the camera and take a picture when you feel it . It was also the first time to color in this way , Before learning a new post trick , It happens to be used in this group of photos .

The second meeting was in a bar , You've already made a boyfriend , I was a little surprised , But! , Fate , I don't know . in addition , I hear you have already sold things in Dali , It's kind of funny , A tourist makes money from tourists in Dali , People like you , It sprouts everywhere , It's like this .

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