[PS course] novice quickly and comprehensively master neutral ash grinding method

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Neutral grey skin is very fine , During operation , Look at the skin of every pixel of the face , Then use a brush or deepen , Lightening tools adjust the light and shade , Eliminate flaws , Restore the skin texture . As for the later period , Can be directly toned , You can also color again after color removal .

Original picture

Final effect

1、 Open the original copy layer , Name the spot remover and use the stain repair brush tool ( All kinds of methods are OK ) Remove the obvious spots from the face .

2、 New group at the top of layer 1, Name it “ The observation group ”. Create layer fill black layer mode within the group to “ Color ”, Copy a layer to change the layer mode to “ superposition ”. If the effect of layer overlay is too black, the opacity of overlay mode layer can be reduced , Finally, we use curve to enhance the contrast .

3、 Create a group above the freckle layer below the observation group “ Named the modifier group ”, Create a new layer within the group , fill 50% Gray layer mode changed to soft light

Set the foreground color of the brush to white 、 Soft edge brush , The opacity 100% The flow is set to 1%.

Zoom in on the canvas , In pixels , Gently wipe the darker parts of the middle grey layer , Make it transition even with the surrounding . Set the foreground color to black , Lightly wipe the brighter parts of the gray layer in a single pixel , Also make it transition evenly with the surrounding . This step requires patience and practice more .

Before modification :

After modification :

Local contrast effect , Neutral gray layer floor owners patience is not enough so the decoration is not good .

4、 After peeling , Close the eyes of the observation group . Create a color scale above the neutral gray layer as follows , This is done to enhance the facial shading .

5、 After the color scale, wipe out the neck and background with a mask .

6、 Create hue saturation adjustment layer , Saturation reduction point .

7、 Create a photo filter, adjust the layer , Choose a color , The color value is /#f1cdab concentration 100%.

8、 Create a curve adjustment layer , Highlight the whole .

9、 Create an optional color adjustment layer The values are as follows .

10、 keyboard Ctrl+shift+alt+e Overlay layer filter - Other - High contrast reserve radius 0.3, Layer mode changed to linear light , Erase the edges with a mask .

Final effect :

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