The road of photography, go forward, never look back

2020-11-19 22:35:14  作者:human figures photography

I photographed a cute baby last week , a single smile would overthrow a city .

I don't know how many kids I've photographed . I like to rub with my camera , Record the details around you , Also help friends record the beauty of children .

I've been shooting for free for a long time .

Even though every shot , I have to plan for a long time , I'll go to check in advance , Light test . The night before each shot, I had insomnia . It's fear , I'm afraid I can't shoot well , I'm worried that my friends won't be satisfied with the film ; It's about caring about , I care about the finished product of my photography , I care about my own photographic reputation .

I always stay up late to fix the film , Even though it's free , But it's the same as beating chicken blood .

I'm sure I'll continue my photography career , Favorite thing , There is no need to insist , Over time, it has become my weapon .

It was photography that allowed me to see the bigger world , After I learned about photography , life , You have more than 500 Li .

Pick up the camera , From shyness to lack of confidence , Up to now, it's still free to rub , be on one's own , Slowly groping for a long time .

It's just , I'm not sure how long I'm going to take my own free photography .

Is it utilitarian ?

But it's really because I like , So I hope there is a price .

I really like , So I hope to get the market validation .

Some people are willing to pay the bill, which is a kind of affirmation to me .

So it's depressing .

I've been working on my own technology , I know the technology is not enough .

But I prefer to believe that it is because I am the work within the system , So some people are willing to like it, but no one is willing to pay for it .

The hope is , So you can trust yourself a little bit more , Encourage yourself to continue shooting .

So I keep getting depressed , And I'm more than happy to shoot for free .

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