Autumn whispers

2020-11-19 22:35:13  作者:human figures photography

After busy work , Go to school and my brother comes home

Look at the two of them , Chirping and playing , Make a noise

My brother wants to go downstairs and practice rope skipping ,

therefore , I had a whim ,

Grab the camera , Just take the two kids out

My brother went to play with his friends

I followed sister sprite's little steps

Climb up and down

It's like this

On sister sprite

Play a circle of gold

Special beauty

therefore , I stood on the bridge opposite her

Look at her quietly

A couple of shots in a row

It's very warm , happy

I think , This is what autumn looks like

Looking into the distance , Watching children playing in the sun

Let's forget for a while “ Drift along ”

See more poetry and distance

As a mom photographer

Can meet a lot of families

See a lot of love in the presence of

Accompany the children , Raise them

It's both work and life

Series connection and parallel connection

Let the life more thick and abundant


sept 20.2017

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