From literature to gray hair

2020-11-19 22:35:12  作者:human figures photography

I have a wish , Be yourself in literature and art , Until the hair turns grey .

There's a high school classmate , In the year when wechat business was just popular , I quit my editing job and went to wechat business , Now I have a luxury car , Living in a villa , Make a lot of money . A little chat , She said that she was recruiting a soft story teller , I said if I had a try ? She said , All right , But don't write about your literature and art , The art market is too small , A little bit of humor , Funny , Mimon 、papi sauce 、 Huang Xuefeng , They are in the red , Of course, because they are talented , It's also because the market has a demand for humor .

Wanting is also , People who have been tired all day , Who would like to read your wind, snow, moon .

The boss needs to consider the sales operation of the product from the maximization of the market , And I can maximize my life from my inner needs . fortunately , I'm not the boss. .

fortunately , I can still play with the camera , You can write without pressure , You can also say :“ If there is a sound on the piano , Why don't you put it in the box ? If words are on your fingers , Why don't you listen to me ?” And then I want to share it with my best friend for the first time , This sentence is well written .

Wearing your favorite clothes , Wear comfortable board shoes , Walking on the road , There's a wind coming , I think of my friends : What you see and feel , What you love and understand , It's all the scenery you're crossing .

People who have a seed of literature and art in their hearts are happy . It has nothing to do with the market .

Some time ago, I shot a group of , I love it so much , Although models are just ordinary friends around .

I love this kind of light and shadow , I love the beauty of the moment when I look down .

Hamada's family photography is childlike and natural , I bought his album and I couldn't put it down , I also like to watch the big guys in Weibo , The sexy charm of Shuangxi , Feminine , I also like the clarity and texture of Lin Chu Han , And the daily life of the Japanese system , There is also the cool tone of sister-in-law .

Look at the photography of the big guy , It's about enjoying , It's the desire to create something in your heart , I've tried to take all kinds of photos , Even though it's still a little bit of kung fu . But yes 、 Tried , My eyes are no longer dazzled , Gradually find your favorite style .

It's like , I've run a company, too , Sold products , I gave lectures . Toss around , Now I love stable work , original , Career is also a kind of fate . I like it , Quiet and undisturbed , I have time to read and take pictures . There are resources in the heart , Have the ability to be alone .

It's hard to find your own way of life .

In high school , Read Annie's book , Deep in it , For a long time, I deliberately avoided , Because I'm afraid it will make me degenerate , Sink , betrayal . In recent years , I know Annie changed her name to Qingshan , There's a new book , After reading a Book 《 In the prime of life 》 after , I bought all the books of Qingshan again .

She has no hair and bare feet , It also got me involved .

original , Love her , Literature and art are the deep roots .

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