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today , Many people in the circle of friends forward 《 About to disappear 41 Old things , Seeing eight means you're old 》. Not only have I seen , And most of them have used . Are you really old ? Retirement is less than half a year . It can only be said that these objects are not old yet ,40 I was still using it years ago , Water injection well 、 Wooden washboard 、 Black and white TV 、 transistor radio 、 Foot sewing machine 、 Aluminum lunch boxes 、 Enamel teapot 、 Enamel washbasin …… The oldest is no more than shichui 、 Stone mill .

Show me some of my “ Old things ”, See how many ?

The blade is forged by hand

My mother took it from my grandmother , I have at least... In my family 72 Years of history . With the iron pot “ kiss ” Too many times , The front edge has been sharpened and rounded .

Bamboo ruler

The rounded corners at both ends are formed by pure natural wear , When I was a child, I saw it in my grandmother's sewing basket , And then it came to my house .

Awls and thimbles

Mother used them , Get the soles for our sisters 、 sole a shoe . I'll use it to fix shoes .

Home appliances , Flashlight

Come out early 、 Come back late 、 Reading novels in the quilt , Not without it . There was a copper one , I can't find it .

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