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2020-11-19 22:34:53  作者:Mobile phone photography

With the development of photography hardware , The creation of mobile phone photography is gradually taking shape .

The charm of shooting with a mobile phone is , Fast and convenient .

Cell phone shots are getting better and better , Fix the picture APP It's also popular ,

It's not difficult to make good pictures .

therefore , We began to pursue content .


Xiaoqingxin loves Nature is full of force

When you take a picture, if you add natural elements , It's like maple leaves 、 Flower ,

This picture will immediately become lively , No more boring .

Actually , Even the atmosphere is not the same ~

Looking younger and more energetic ~


My angle is just different

The photos are the same ,

Want to be different in a bunch of pictures ?

Then we can't be the same angle as others .

This is a very common green leaf map ,

Our human perspective .

however , Would you like to try it from an ant's perspective ?

How can you feel like a big tree

Yeah , This is the grass and flowers in the eyes of ants .

Do it , It's easy to stand out from the same kind of pictures .

Pictures of doing sports ,

It's easy to take pictures of the audience's perspective .

Actually , You can also do this .

Don't shoot girls in skirts ,emmm I'm afraid you'll be beaten ..


Bright and deep background

The background of Xiaobian's talk , It's not a big red and green background .

imagine , Sea water , Sky blue , Cherry Blossom powder ...

The bright natural colors are pleasing to the eye and ,

It doesn't distract readers ,

Instead, it highlights the theme .

A set of contrasts , The solid background is bright ,

But the yellow background below is boring .

Xiaobian collected some beautiful pictures from strange angles today ,

I hope you can enjoy it ,

Create your own style on the way to photography .

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