Background everywhere makes you a fashion photographer

2020-11-19 22:34:52  作者:Mobile phone photography

Whether you take pictures with your mobile phone or camera ,

If you want to shoot something interesting ,

And make a little bit of a name in photography ,

It's still up to background Of !

Let's use the simple background of today , Make you become a photographer in an instant !

Simple and clean background

Give me a clean background wall , I also give you 100 million small fresh

Or the theme is homochromatic , Or a color contrast ,

But the premise is that there is only one theme .

Artistic visual impact is like this duangduang coming .

Yes “ depth ” The background of

“ depth ”(depth), The background of the photo definitely enhances the photo ,

The fence next to it is like a line leading “lead” Looking at the line with your eyes is called... From the perspective of professional photography Leading line.

Sometimes the prospect doesn't need to be so complicated , Some simple graphics or lines can create unexpected effects .

There is a sense of hierarchy in the background

The world is three-dimensional , The picture is two-dimensional .

Side light 、 Side backlight 、 A smooth side object ,

The three-dimensional feeling will be stronger .

There are layers and beauty in this shot , Don't delay .

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