Roses of all colors

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I thought the Rosaceae family was roses 、 Chinese rose 、 Rose 、 Seven sisters or something , Only after checking can we know , Rosaceae is a large family .

There are more than 3300 species in more than 120 genera of Rosaceae , All over the world , There are more in the north temperate zone . There are more than one thousand species of more than fifty genera in China , All over the country .

Some species of Rosaceae are relatively clear , It is divided into four subfamilies : Apple subfamily , prunoideae , Rosaceae , Spiraea .

Chinese rose 、 Rose 、 Rosa is just Rosaceae .

This season is also the time when all kinds of roses are in full bloom .

Chinese rose , Also known as the moon red , Also known as “ Queen of flowers ”.

Rose flower language : wait for 、 hope 、 Happiness 、 glory ”, It means yearning for the future , It symbolizes the expectation of happiness .

Rose is a vine , A clump of , All over the wall 、 Railing 、 Bamboo fence , It's a landscape of its own .

The flower language of red rose is love ; Pink rose is the pledge of love ; White rose is pure love ;

Yellow rose is the eternal smile ; The crimson rose just wants to be with you ; Rose is romantic love 、 Repentance ;

Christmas Rose is the love in memory ; Black rose is gorgeous love ; Rock rose is refusing ; Blue rose is despair .

The flower language of seven sisters is romantic , The oath of love , You can send it to someone you like to show your intention , It means commitment .

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