This spring saw again, next year flowers again

2020-11-19 22:34:48  作者:Flowers, hand painting, photography

Spring is over , Summer is on schedule .

I'm reminiscing about the flowers in this spring .

spring , It always starts with the willow shoots creeping out of the branches .

With the spring breeze in February , It was slowly cut into a graceful pose .

The most enthusiastic one should be a gorgeous Begonia , A little red flower bud hidden in the leaves , It's a little cute .

Compared with red Begonia , It seems more elegant .

cherry plum , Pear Blossom , Cherry blossoms are like beautiful women , White as snow , Fresh and refined .

The peach blossom is burning , Still smiling at the east wind , The story of ten li peach forest has been sung for many years .

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