Jubilant longevity flower

2020-11-19 22:34:47  作者:Flowers, hand painting, photography

Take a walk to Moore , I was attracted by a bunch of red flowers in the flower bed .

This kind of flower is called longevity flower .

Longevity flower is also called Christmas kale , Dwarf kalanchi 、 Galanthus 、 Shouxinghua 、 Family flower 、 Christmas longevity flower .

The color of longevity flower is dark red 、 Pink 、 yellow 、 rose red , Different colors , The meaning of flower language is different .

Deep red flower language : Auspiciousness and longevity mean .

Pink flower language : Happy and healthy .

Yellow flower language : Many children and grandchildren , Happy and happy .

Rose red flower language : Aesthetic love and the pursuit of happiness .

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