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Iris , Her generic name iris For Greek “ The colours of the rainbow ” The meaning of , Therefore, iris has a transliteration of the common name is called “ Alice ”.

Alice is the rainbow goddess in Greek mythology , She is the messenger of the gods and the earth . The Greeks call iris Rainbow Flower , Because it's so colorful , As beautiful as a rainbow in the sky .

The flower language of iris :

White iris stands for innocence .

The yellow iris is a symbol of lasting friendship 、 Warm and cheerful .

Blue iris means appreciating each other's elegance and generosity or secretly admiring ; Some people think it represents the dissociation and broken passion of iris in fate , Exquisite beauty , But fragile and perishable .

Purple iris means love 、 Auspiciousness and the happiness of believers .

Van Gogh painted oil paintings 《 Iris 》.

Iris is like sunflower , They were all very ordinary plants , But Van Gogh gave them wonderful images and colors and eternal vitality .

《 Iris 》 It is the artist's praise of nature, who spent his whole life in pain and struggle , Yearning for a better life .

Like a lonely dancer in the dark, speechless in his heart .

The irises he painted are beautiful and lovely , But a little sad , A little lonely and uneasy , There's even a posture that's almost a struggle .

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