marvel at flowers

2020-11-19 22:31:43  作者:Flowers, hand painting, photography

The flowers are silent , But its fragrance will make us stay . The flowers fall quietly , Maybe it's elegant that makes us think deeply . Time flies , Laugh at the flowers , Watching the flowers fall quietly is the acme of life . Every year …………

Spring is coming , I like watching cherry blossoms , Because it represents life , Happiness is a pure and noble life that never gives up .

Summer is coming , I like to see red tulips , It's fragrant , Represents the love of life .

Autumn is coming , I like to watch sunflowers , The yellow , As bright as the sun , Have a happy heart .

In warm winter , I like to see chrysanthemums , Its flowers are small and lovely , It stands for innocence and joy .

Year after year , Season after season , Will expect a gorgeous flower , Enjoy a quiet flower fall of indifference .

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