How to shoot autumn with mobile phone? Three key points, shooting a strong autumn!

2020-11-19 22:31:37  作者:Horizon

Into October , It's full of “ awakening of autumn ”, Xiaoyue asked you two days ago —— What color do you think can express “ autumn ”?

Some partners said it was “ golden ”, Autumn is full of yellow leaves , The rice fields with good harvest , Yellow grassland .

Some say yes “ Blue ”, autumn , Blue sky , Calm lake water , It's cold .

Some say it is “ Cool grey ”, Continuous autumn rain , It's a cold season .

Another partner said “ The colors of autumn , red 、 yellow 、 blue 、 It's all green , It's rich and heavy , It's a kind of “ mature ” The color of ”.

little does one think “ autumn ” There is a special color and meaning in everyone's heart .

that , How to use mobile phone to freeze so rich “ awakening of autumn ”? We can try to find and film from three aspects .

A lot of autumn colors have been mentioned above , Think about what autumn color is in your heart ? Try to find , And record .

It seems simple to just shoot colors , It's not , We need to shoot a color like “ level ”, To make the picture richer .

These colors are strong , When shooting, you can choose the color of the big movie . If you worry about no hierarchy , You can use the brightness of light .

such as : The contrast between blue sky and yellow leaves

Take pictures of these colors , You can use backlight 、 Side backlight , Make the leaves translucent , Very beautiful .

What are the elements of autumn ? First of all, I think of —— The fallen leaves , Whether it's a piece of , It's still a big piece of . Take pictures of the fallen leaves , There is a strong sense of autumn .

A simple leaf , The feeling of early autumn will be .

Whether the trees are mottled and yellow , Or a falling yellow leaf , We can do it by shooting parts , Or use the contrast of trees and grass to show the visual impact of a fallen leaf .

Into the late autumn , The leaves are all over the ground , The feeling of golden cancan , Tell us that autumn is already strong !

When shooting leaves all over the ground , Choose your mobile phone to shoot close to the ground , There's usually more visual impact .

How does autumn make you feel ? Harvest , Chilly 、 sad 、 Incomplete ……

No matter what kind of feeling it is , Take a picture of what you feel in your mind , If you can impress your own picture , Then the feeling will be .

The field , Mature crops 、 Red peppers all over the place , Happy farmers , It's the feeling of autumn harvest .

autumn , It's the excess of summer and winter , Although the warmth remains , But the chill is coming .

It's easy to express with the cool color of blue sky “ Chilly ” The feeling of , With yellow leaves , In autumn, the feeling of cold and warm is added .

Autumn is easy to give “ Desolate ” The feeling of , To express this feeling , Xiaoyue first thought of the incomplete leaves 、 Wet leaves after autumn rain , It's a little chilly .

All of the above can express “ awakening of autumn ” The theme of , Besides , There are still a lot of it —— such as “ The big reeds in autumn , Big swallow flying south ” wait .

In any way , Think first —— How does autumn make you feel ? And then look for the picture that moves your heart most , Take that feeling , It belongs to you “ awakening of autumn ”!