Autumn snow mountain, colorful forest and lake, here is comparable to Switzerland

2020-11-19 22:31:36  作者:Horizon

One day I brush my circle of friends , See a friend of the super beautiful stars , I asked where she was , She said Sichuan ,10 End of month 11 The first ten days of the month is the most beautiful time in Western Sichuan , So I planted a seed in my heart —— Go and see the autumn in Sichuan .

I told the leader ,“ What a beautiful autumn ”

She said ,“ So ”

“ So can you take two days off to have a look ”

So that's it , I asked for two days off , Buy a ticket , And set off .

First stop : Ya'an · Shenmulei

A cabin in the forest 、 Yaks on the hillside 、 Large yellow leaves 、 Murmuring water , They are all fairy tales of this autumn .

There are little pigs in the mountains , I bought a string of mutton kebabs , It's been following me .

Asking for leave from work comes at a price , During the day in the scenic area , While watching the beautiful scenery , But I'm still dealing with work emergencies .

In the evening with new friends , Eat barbecue pork , Drink mash and cook beer , Give yourself a little time to let go .

The second stop : Ya'an · Davargenza

Get up at four , The car circled in the dark mountain road , It's close to the altitude 4000 On the mountain of Midea .

Watch the sunrise 、 seas of clouds 、 Snow mountain .

A word : shock

At sunrise, a man began to sing “ The sun is out. Hello ”

So we all have a tacit understanding whether we recognize or not “ Happy ”

—— This is probably the people of Sichuan

The third stop : Li County · Bipeng ditch

Bipeng ditch , It's not too far from Chengdu , Even nearly a day's journey ( But it's luck , Maybe in the morning 4 At night 12 spot ), Tiktok: a place where the fire is flown , There are quite a lot of people , Especially on weekends .

But too many people can't stop its beauty .

Snow mountain 、 lakes 、 The forest 、 Cattle and sheep , And Cailin , Satisfied with all the fantasies of this trip except the starry sky .

On the way back to Chengdu from bipenggou , We're in a traffic jam 3 Hours , From the afternoon until late at night , On the way, I also passed the county town of Wenchuan . But the feeling of the car on the road , Give me a kind of inexplicable peace of mind .

I seem to suddenly think of that sentence in the song ,“ It's like the wind has gone eight thousand miles , No return date .”

"Ps: When I get home and sit in front of the computer and type these down to show you , I think I'm free , Others think I'm a professional travel , In fact, I'm a normal office worker , And I love it .

There is a saying on the Internet :“ When you fight all night , The corals of Brisbane have passed the lamp ; When you go to a job fair , Mombasa crab just slipped out of the fisherman's palm ; When you write program code , A golden tram is shining through Prague ……”

Some people continued to live with a sigh , Some people set off immediately and don't know how to get back to the normal world .

I also saw clearly in this trip , The driver and the guide will quarrel over some itinerary , In fact, when enjoying the gift of nature , They still haven't escaped from the real world , Maybe , People in Brisbane have to fight all night , Mombasa drivers are facing unemployment , Prague also has programmers who write code .

therefore , Set off! , But you have to remember the way you came .

writing : Cai Xiaoqing Yoki, chart : Cai Xiaoqing Yoki