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Ps As a university must learn skill , Whether it's in your career or in your daily life , They have a wide range of uses , With graphic design , Take pictures and revise pictures . learn ps What are the benefits ? Basically, most occupations need to be able to ps, And the foundation is simple and easy to learn , There is no problem with self-study , Besides, I can make money by taking orders by myself !

Next, I'll present the collection with my own hands ps Tips and shortcuts ! It ends with ps Installation package and tutorial are free ~

a4:( Domestic standards )21cm 28.5cm

a3:(43cm 28.5cm)

The resolution of the :

General print pictures 300+dpi

jewelry , Car category publicity map 350+

Web Design 、ui72dpi

Enclosure :30dpi

Color mode

rgb: Red, green and blue

cmyk : Printing mode

The red arrow : The foreground

Blue arrow : Background color

1 fill :ait+delete

2 fill :ctrl+deleted Key back to black / white

Exchange before / Background color x

Rectangular marquee tool

The higher the eclosion value , The more blurred the edge

( Set the feather value first , Re constituency )

Create the bottom right corner of the layer

Deselect (ctrl+d)

Magic wand tools

Free to change ctrl+t

New documents of the same size :ctrla ctrlc

Move tool :v

Magnetic Lasso Tool :ctrlj Copy to create a new layer

Magic wand tools : Reverse selection shiftctrli

( The larger the tolerance value , The wider the choice )

Zoom in / narrow :alt Before and after the mouse wheel

Grab tools : Space bar

Quickly get transparent layer selection :ctrl Left click on the thumbnail

Copy stamp tools : Hold down alt sampling

Content identification : Choose first , Then choose Edit — fill — Content identification

Path change selection ; Submit text :ctrlenter

Facial repair : Use the smudge tool , liquefaction

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