Why perfect and gentle appeasement

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【 Study of flowering plants 】 Ten merits of Anping ( Alias : Coptis chinensis 、 Rhizoma Coptidis with bamboo leaves 、 Huang Tianzhu 、 Phellodendron amurense 、 Prick Scutellaria baicalensis )Soft Caress( Gentle comfort )

The top ten merits in the Green Belt should be those of Anping, where the leaves are narrow and long enough to have a little elegant . These evergreen shrubs like to grow in wet valleys and forests , Now it's planted in the green belt , Growing in constant pruning .

Ten merits of Anping , It is distributed in Sichuan Province 、 Chongqing 、 guizhou 、 hubei , It's unique to China 27 One of the top ten Mahonia species . Every year, 8-11 The yellow flower of the month ,11 month - The following year 5 The blue and purple fruits of the month .

At the Centennial flower show at Chelsea 2013 The annual plant of , And was named Soft Caress( Gentle comfort ). This name is just in my current mood .

Can be widely planted , Because he has his posture . He and Nan Tianzhu , It's kind of similar .

Nantian bamboo : White flowers 、 Red fruit , The tip of the leaf changes from tender green to warm orange .

Huang Tianzhu ( Ten merits of Anping ): Yellow flowers 、 Blue purple fruit , The color of leaf tip changes from dark green to warm yellow .

  • Look at flowers : 【 The flowers of ten Mahonia in Anping 】-

Ten merits of Anping , Flowers bloom at the top , Draw attention to , In Sichuan and other places , It is often used for garden decoration .

It's a little bit of grape hyacinth , Little yellow flowers... Little yellow flowers , It's kind of Narcissus , It has the texture of waxy plum blossom .

There's a plant addiction study that says : The innermost layer of the flower 6 Petals are petals , There's a little M The shape of the notch , It shows that they are essentially different from calyx . It has 9 Calyx , In three rounds , Similar to petals are the middle sepal and the inner sepal , The outermost round is very small , Unobtrusive .

  • Look at Ye : 【 The leaves of ten Mahonia in Anping 】-

Mahonia microphylla 6-9 Yes , The next pair of leaflets is near the base of the petiole , Leaflets elliptic lanceolate to narrowly ovate .

Bamboo leaves , Xinye has a certain aura of Southern Tianzhu , But as the leaves grow, they have serrated edges .

  • Look at the fruit : 【 The fruit of ten Mahonia in Anping 】-

From green to red , And then blue and purple , There is always a layer of misty powder on the fruit . Written by Wu Qijun in Qing Dynasty 《 A textual research on the name and reality of plants 》 It records :“ Hard stem straight black , The row ratio of the opposite leaves is . It's shiny and powerful . The teeth are like thorns , Small fruit like caviar .”

The color of the ancients was caviar blue , You know, caviar blue is a very beautiful color . This is the most beautiful description I can feel .

Every time I see this bunch of small fruits , Will be fascinated by it .

Caviar blue : Beautiful and transparent sea sky blue , Color changes from top to bottom , The sky is as clear as blue , And there's the deep peace of the sea , sea and sky merged into one , all blend into one harmonious whole .

When a plant has many similarities with other plants , You'll get a lot of new names , For example, Rhizoma Coptidis , For example, Coptis chinensis 、 Huang Tianzhu 、 The name of Phellodendron amurense .

Ten Mahonia plants , Such a special stage name , Originated from the folk medical application , The whole tree : root 、 stem 、 Leaf can be used as medicine , And it's very effective . A plant that seems to have the best effect , People call it “ Ten contributions ”.“ Ten ” It's an imaginary number , Actually , This plant , There are more than ten effects .

But in foreign countries, the top ten Mahonia produced in Anping is named “ Gentle comfort ”——Soft Caress.

There are about ten species of Mahonia 60 Varied , It is unique to our country 27 Kind of . There are many varieties , It's different , There is probably a nomenclature or classification in terms of shape or origin , But despite their differences , But the effects are similar .

There are ten common hardwood Mahonia 、 Mahonia stenophylla 、 Mahonia tenuifolia ( Emei slender stem )、 Ten great contributions of Xiaoguo …….

Mahonia hardwood blossoms in spring , Narrow leaves bloom in summer , Anping blooms in autumn ……

The roots and stems of Mahonia are heat clearing and detoxifying , Detumescence and pain relief , For acute and chronic hepatitis , bacterial dysentery , Bronchitis and sunburn . The leaf is a cool tonic and strong medicine , It doesn't burn after taking it , And it can treat tuberculosis and colds ……

Mahonia is a warm temperate plant , It has strong cold resistance , I can't stand the heat . I like warm and humid climate , Strong sex 、 Shade tolerance 、 Avoid sun exposure , It has a certain degree of cold resistance , It's also drought resistant .

THE END May you and I on ordinary days Still aesthetic For beauty All the days will shine