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2020-11-19 22:31:32  作者:Photography and PS

The beginning of learning ps When , It's hard , Because I still want to insist on it , Because you look at so many tools and shortcut keys every day , The two words “ Have a headache , doze ” Because I'm kind of sleepy when I can't see things in it , Wake up and go on , It's hard to hear , Is that so? ?

Actually , did not !

This is the difference between like and dislike . Don't talk nonsense

First , Want to learn ps Think about it . In the future , What are you going to do with it ? For example , Later stage of the studio , Commercial refinements , Advertisements, etc. ……

Some are still thinking about me ps The software doesn't install , It's very simple , What's more on a treasure is , Here comes the question , What about the version ? It's better to get into a few groups at first , If you want to start with the big picture , I suggest taking a class , Follow the teacher to improve quickly , I want to fight him to the end ! If you just want to learn ps For other purposes , You can buy a tutorial by yourself , Learn the basics .

Like petals , Thousand pictures ,poco, Black light , It can improve aesthetics , It's OK. The website is browsing .

If you have a good recommendation , Welcome to leave a message below !

If you have anything to say , Unstudied , Welcome to share .

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