Wait for the leaves to float to your hand, wait for Yuanbao to hit your head, and good luck will come - Acer truncatum

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Acer truncatum ( Alias : Acer Pingji 、 Acer pentagonus in North China 、 Color tree 、 Yuanbao tree 、 Liquidambar formosana )

-1- I know I've never been the lucky one

I waited for half a year , It is estimated that the maple with chicken claw at the street should be red , Waiting for a sunny day to go again , However , I was in my heart by these trees “ red maple ” Give the moment to play defeat , Burnt leaves , And it's a thoroughly bottomed coke leaf .

Is it what I missed ? What happened to all this ? A dozen days ago , I come , It still wants to be red and not red . But now ……

It was all rain free , This corner tree, which is raised by the sky , It should be caused by the dry soil .

The residue and residual fruit of Acer ……

A reasonable explanation , I have to be helpless : Am I the constitution of anti Koi ?-2- No problem , I can take the initiative to find good luck

The second day , On the way to work , I went to find two or three ACerS on the other road .

Last Friday night , Passing by , A yellow maple leaf just flew to me , I'm chasing up , Almost excited to tell friends : The leaves of this maple are beautiful .

In the night, the yellow that it just changed is that soft color , Its shape is delicate and exquisite , The leaves are thin and transparent . I took it home like I picked up a baby .

It is said that , Before you know it , You take off a maple leaf or pick up a maple leaf , The future of your life with the people will be picked up in a week .(“ Before you know it ”, Four words are very important ).

If you stand under the tree , There are maple leaves that fall naturally , Good luck will follow .(“ natural ”, Two words are also important .)

A middle-aged girl's heart , What a beautiful wish

I follow the direction the leaves blow , It is confirmed that these two or three Acer truncatum are always green , Suddenly it turns yellow .

The yellow of that tree , In every twig , They are graceful and delicate, with dexterity and delicacy .

Late autumn , It's a tree until one year “ Middle and old age ” In the season of , But the tree still keeps its lightness and dreamlike grace .

Just a few days , Come back today , From three or two leaves on the ground , It has become a thick leaf blanket .

This year's sanitation workers have not completely cleared the leaves , Let these trees have some interesting temperature .

There are still a lot of leaves left on the trees . We meet closely , Interesting .

It is said that when Acer Yuanbao was falling , Who was hit by Acer leaf of Yuanbao , Who will get good luck ; It is said that if you can see the maple leaves falling with your beloved , Two people can not separate .

Right …… Good luck can be found by yourself , If not , That can also find a good mood .

I have been standing under the tree for a long time today , Wait for the wind to come ……

Lucky bamboo leaves selected by Yuan Baofeng ……

Actually , Even these leaves are still firmly in the branches .

Facing the only red leaf of good luck , Then I picked up myself and went home …… -3- About maple and maple

Maple is a tree that has 199 The plant family of species ; And most of the maples ( about 151 Kind of ) They are all made in China . In ancient China, the undergraduate plants were called “ Acer ”; In the Han Dynasty, Xu Shen wrote 《 Say something 》 A book contains “ A big maple can be made into a cart ”. But many provinces and regions put “ Maple ” be called “ Maple ”, It was written by haoqijun in Qing Dynasty 《 A textual research on the name and reality of plants 》 In a book, maple triangle , It's called triangle maple .

Baidu Encyclopedia says : Maple , It is a tall tree of Aceraceae , It is a genus of Aceraceae . Acer is the general name of Acer tree species in Aceraceae family , Some of them are commonly known as maple trees .

There are many different ways to look at leaves and fruits on the Internet , But follow it , In fact, it can't be strictly distinguished . Moreover, , At one time, there was a dispute over the conversion of Acer to maple in the plant field on both sides of the Taiwan Strait , It affects the relationship between maple and maple .

Why do you have to be so clear about life , Leave professional things to professional people .

Keep your own recognition , And the beauty . What I love is the beauty of maple ……

【 Maple fruit 】: A herringbone double winged fruit , They are pinnate in pairs . Every fruit has wings , Easy to fly with the wind when spreading .

There is also a kind of , Small fruits are gathered together , The fruit is round and round , There are many scaly spines on it .

【 Maple leaves turn pale 】

Some maple leaves begin to change color , It will take a week or two to start falling leaves , The viewing time is long ; There are also maple leaves that fall when they are red , The viewing time is very short .

Maple trees are used as garden trees in many places , But Acer doesn't love growing in pieces . Always decorate the forest with its own light .

《 Flower Sutra 》 cloud ;“ Maple ( Maple ) Once the leaves pass through the autumn frost , Red and red , Can like the morning glow , Beautiful as flowers , There are always green trees in the house , Match the green leaves , The colors are bright , The forest is full of autumn , There are many beautiful brocade shows .”

【 Maple flowers 】 Corymbose , Hybrid flowers , The flowers are yellow and green , Male and bisexual flowers ; sepal 5, Yellow green ; petals 5, Yellow or white ; stamen 8, Born on the inner edge of the tray . The flowering season is April and may , Fruit stage 9 month .

Flowers have flowers , Trees have the meaning of trees , Maple stands for perseverance .

-4- Acer truncatum

This Acer is called Acer Yuanbao , From its fruit type such as Yuanbao , The leaves are golden . The name is interesting , There are more stories . Acer Acer is sprouted by seed , Should I go and find some seeds , To have a try . Acer truncatum flowers in 5 month , The fruit period is 9 month .

The maple tree of Yuanbao is beautiful , The leaves are beautiful , The young leaves are red , In autumn, the leaves turn yellow or red again , It is a famous autumn red leaf tree species .

Fortunately, I found a bunch of new leaves on the branches ……

Acer Acer is a temperate positive species , Like the sunny environment , But I'm afraid of high temperature exposure , I was afraid of the afternoon shooting a strong light , A little shade resistant . Can resist -25 Low temperature around Celsius 、 Drought tolerance , Avoid water logging ; Growth is slower .


Since that day a maple leaf blew into my hand , This week , It really happened. Good luck . I recognized the eyes of two people who loved me . I don't know if we're going to spend the rest of our lives doing what we love , But at least I know , They really know me so well , Support me , Trust me .