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ps Basics 02— Layers panel

1、 Layers

(1) First, look at the layer panel

This is it. ps Layer panel in , If there is no ,

menu bar : window —— Layers , It's just coming up .

Or shortcut key F7, It will also show .

How to understand layers ?

The picture is very good to understand , The point is the meaning of the layer .

As shown in the figure above , The location of those rectangles of different colors is called layer .

The blank layer is like a transparent paper ( Be careful , Here is transparency , It's not white ),

You don't affect other papers by painting on each paper .

And after stacking the paper layer by layer , The upper screen will block the lower level picture .

Based on such display principle , All layers are displayed together , Finally, we can see a complete image .

(2) New layer

There are three ways to create a new layer :

① Click the button on the layer panel to create a new , A new blank layer appears above the selected layer

② Shortcut key :ctrl+shift+N; It's going to come out with a pop-up window , Click OK to create a new layer .

③ Shortcut key :Ctrl+shift+alt+N; A blank layer will be created directly above the selected layer .

(3) Layer operation area

What are so many frames ?! Don't panic. , Allow me .

Although a layer only occupies a small part of the operation panel , But there are so many areas on the layer panel that you can manipulate , A lot of partners can't find the corresponding function because of the wrong place in the initial stage

Let's start with green :

Part of the green line , A layer is divided into several pieces by me

1、 Indicates layer visibility :

This eye , When it is on, it means that the layer is displayed , No eyes means the layer is not displayed .

2、 Layer thumbnails :

The vector layer : Double click to enter the color fill panel ;

Intelligent objects : Double click to enter the edit file of the smart object ;

Right mouse button : Here's the picture

It's all about layers and thumbnails .

3、 Mask

If a mask is added , Then the mask will have a separate selection area .

On mask operation , You have to select the Chinese and Mongolian version now .

4、 Layer Name : Double click here to name the layer .

ps There are usually many layer groups in , Naming these layer groups is like tidying up a room , Who knows the benefits .

5、 Layer editing area

(1) Double click to enter layer style

(2) Right mouse button

It's a little more functional, isn't it ?

No problem , Slowly, it's all used !

Let's talk about the red zone ... I'll play the picture again , Red .

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