Streamer is easy to throw people, green KFC, pink Oreo

2020-11-19 22:31:24  作者:Photography and PS

Here he comes ,

Here he comes ,

He came in his green coat !

App With the green ...

Maybe it's spring ,

Orio, who used to be dark black ,

Recently it's —— It's powdered !

It's not just powder , The sandwich also becomes Matcha green .

It's spring , Cherry Blossom

But Cherry Blossom flavor food is really easy to step on thunder

Like cherry blossom jelly ......

After all, cherry blossom itself has no taste

But manufacturers love to come out with ...

Maybe it's because it looks good

But the cherry blossom poster is still beautiful !

How can the perfect diary miss this wave of publicity

cheer up .. No air cushion, Oreo !

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