Burning peach blossom, take a rest assured

2020-11-19 22:31:23  作者:Horizon

The ancients said : Peach blossom blooms first in spring , Who doesn't look beautiful .

The vernal equinox is over , I've heard that there is a peach blossom tree in the hospital, which is full of peach blossom , therefore , Take advantage of the weekend , I choose to shoot that peach tree on a sunny spring afternoon .

I came to the hospital to shoot flowers , For the first time , Who makes peach blossom so attractive , Don't come and see , I feel like I'm going to live up to this wonderful spring festival .

I arrived at 4:30 p.m , The sun is gentle but not dazzling , The sky is blue as wash , It's a good time to take pictures .

When I go , The back door of the hospital is rarely accessed , In the process of taking pictures , Occasionally, a few children come to see the peach blossom . They saw me shooting Peach Blossom , I don't know if I'm afraid of photographing them , Still afraid to disturb me , After a few quick glances, he left .

I photographed peach blossom for a long time , From time to time, someone said , What is she photographing ? Those peach blossoms ? Need to be so serious ? I smile and don't talk , Just shoot my . Come here, some little girls , I asked them , Would you like to take a picture of , They waved their hands and said no , See me go shyly with my camera .

When shooting Peach Blossom , I have these experiences , You want to shoot peach blossom , As a reference .

Choose a clean background , such as , Shoot peach blossom in the sky , It can make the picture Cleaner , Peach blossom and blue sky blend together , It seems natural and harmonious .

Choose backlight to shoot , You can make the petals of peach blossom transparent , It can show the purity of peach blossom .

Shooting at a peach blossom , Can better reflect the posture of Peach Blossom .

Choose a big aperture to shoot , Can achieve the effect of the combination of virtual and real .