Learning time management with Luo Zhixiang is not reliable! It's better to learn this skill

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writing || K handsome , Chen Xi

Design || K handsome

Hello , This is Chen Xi's design house .

All friends who are familiar with us should know , We always focus on dry goods , Almost no heat .

however , The knowledge of dry goods is really dry , Not many people are interested in it .

So sometimes it's appropriate to follow the hot spots , Combined with their own field and specialty to export dry cargo knowledge , It should have a better effect !

From Luo Zhixiang to a master of time management , We eat melons calmly , More time should be spent learning real dry goods knowledge .

So today, , Let's learn a dry goods knowledge skill : How to design the cover of a time management book for Luo Zhixiang !


Let's take a look at the finished design first .

The design tool used in this book cover design is PS, Of course, other design tools may also be able to , This issue is about PS Let's start the tutorial !

The book cover design case here is an idea reference .

If you're other types of book cover design , It can also refer to the production of , It depends on your flexible use of the course !

Let's take a look at the specific design and production tutorial .


First , open PS Software , Create a A4 The size of the canvas , It doesn't matter if you increase the resolution , What I adjust here is 300 The resolution of the .

Here's the picture :

Click ok , The first step is to create the canvas !

And then you can see this page :

Here, let's take a look at the foreground and background colors , That's the red box in the picture above .

Foreground and background colors , There is no difference in essence , There's a difference when you use the shortcut keys to fill colors , The foreground fill shortcut is Alt key +Del key , Background color fill shortcut key is Ctrl key +Del key .

Let's look at the copywriting information of this design book .

Here's the picture :

We need to use this copy , Design the cover of time management books .

First of all, we have to deal with the copywriting information , The typesetting design of the copywriting .

In order to make graphic information typesetting more regular , Here we use a golden section for a standard typesetting .

Here's the picture :

Standard typesetting with golden section , In the design and typesetting is a very common and important way of thinking , We should master !

Then we refine the copywriting information , Make a comparison , alignment , And hierarchical relationship processing .

Here's the picture :

This layout looks easy , In fact, to do this, we have to modify and adjust many times , Pay attention to a lot of design principles !

Here you can experience , You can also follow this typesetting style to typeset the copywriting information of books .

After typesetting , Deep beautification design .

Here's the picture :

Click on the last background layer , Fill in a black background , The foreground fill shortcut is Alt key +Del key .

Here's the effect of filling :

Next, we drag in a series of photo portraits , This is from the Internet .

Here's the picture :

The picture comes with a black background , Can be in Mixed mode Choose from Brighten To remove the background directly .

Then place the picture on the layer below the font , Here's the picture :

Next, adjust the font to yellow color , And add a yellow rectangle below .

Here's the picture :

Continue to refine the details . Adjust the position of the characters , So that the eye area is just at a right angle , Don't restrict typesetting because of split lines .

Here's the picture :

Next, let's design the font , Add a modifier to the font , When designing, pay attention to divergent thinking , Here I add an hourglass , It's about time .

Here's the picture :

Then adjust the hourglass part .

Check the hourglass icon , Do a color fill , Use the clipping mask , The shortcut key is to press and hold Alt Click the left mouse button .

Here's the picture :

Select the font and add a layer mask , Here's the picture :

When you select the middle point , Come to the layer mask , Fill in a solid black to eliminate this point .

Here's the picture :

This is the effect of adjustment . In fact, it is to change the point of the word "time" into an hourglass .

Next, use the figure reduplication technique , Make the plane picture more hierarchical , Pay attention to my brush design here .

Here's the picture :

Directly use black brush to daub on the mask of the character layer to increase the texture of the font .

Here's the picture :

Go ahead and refine the details , Some fonts are decorated with simple lines or shapes .

Here's the picture :

A good work should have light and shadow details , Notice where the light source of the character comes from , We can also modify the light source later .

Add a layer to the background layer , Pay attention to the adjustment of brush settings here , Here's the picture :

Let's take a look at the effect of lighting .

Here's the picture :

Last , Add a grid texture effect to the background .

Here's the picture :

such , The final design is finished .

Let's take a look at the finished renderings :

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