Cherry blossom in a circle of friends, but I'm shooting apricot flowers

2020-11-19 22:31:20  作者:Horizon

lately , Cherry blossom opens screen mode , Open the circle of friends , Everyone is drying their own cherry blossoms . But cherry blossoms are not everywhere , What if you can't see cherry blossoms ? Let's enjoy other flowers , For example, apricot flowers .

Over the weekend , I wanted to see cherry blossoms , But because it's a long way to go , I went to the park nearby . There are not many flowers open there , There are only two or three , The most eye-catching is apricot blossom .

The apricot blossoms , Pink stamens , Petals of white , Clusters of , One after another , Under the wind of spring , Petals fall on the ground , People are busy taking pictures with apricot flowers , Constitute a beautiful landscape of the park .

At first , I thought it was peach blossom , But I think it's different from peach blossom , I checked it on the Internet , I knew it was apricot blossom . Peach blossom 、 Apricot blossom 、 Pear Blossom 、 Cherry blossoms , So many flowers , I'm a little confused .

When I shot peach blossom before , Only focus on the peach blossom on the tree , I don't care much about anything else , Actually , There is more than one gesture for patting flowers , Just master some photography skills , You can take beautiful pictures of flowers .

The flowers photographed against the light are always amazing , And choosing a good day is crucial . From nine to eleven in the morning , From three to five in the afternoon , While the sun is not direct or set , Let's hurry up to the backlight of a flower .

Shoot up at the sky , The background is blue sky , It can make the flowers whiter .

See the falling flowers on the ground , And don't miss it , It's another way for flowers to exist , You can record the falling flowers , You will find another beauty of flowers , Or put the fallen flowers in the palm of your hand , Let the flower no longer be lonely .

Open the large aperture , You can focus on just one flower , Or a small range of flowers , This will avoid clutter in the background , It's also a common shooting method .

You don't have to focus on flowers , You can also combine the flowers with the surrounding environment , Let human and nature coexist harmoniously .

It would be great to have a picture of people and flowers , If you don't have an appointment with a model , Just take pictures of the people around you .