Ps2020 cracked version download Adobe Photoshop 2020 installation tutorial

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Adobe The whole family has PS2020CCMAC Version, and Win edition

PS2020CC Here's an update of

1、iPad And cloud documents :

Now? iPad It is equipped with Photoshop, You can use cloud documents to cross Mac、Windows and iPad Work . When you work , The document will be saved online to Adobe In the clouds , It will also provide collaboration and other features .

2、 Presupposition improvement :

We redesigned it . Today's presets are easier to use 、 intuitive , And the layout is more orderly . You can easily use the new gradients 、 Color board 、 Pattern 、 Layer styles and shapes .

Transferred to "Window'>“ The gradient ”” pattern "” shape ”” style ” Color board ”.

3、 New object selection tool :

The object selection tool is introduced , It's a new method of automatic repeat selection . You just need to define a region , Leave the rest to us .

4、 Switching behavior is consistent :

After listening to you , Let your application support scaling multiple layers ( There is no limit to the type ), And you don't need to use Shift.

5、 Improved property panel :

Now? , Find more controls you need in the center . Easily change document settings , Access all types of Layer Settings , And easy to use and fast operation .

6、 Smart objects to layers :

You can fine tune your design by converting the smart object back to its component layer . All operations can be done in one place , There is no need to switch back and forth between different document windows .

stay “ Layers ” Select the smart object in the panel , Then right-click and choose “ Convert to layer ”.

7、 Enhanced transformation deformation :

We have more controls built into the morph tool . Add control points everywhere or use a customizable grid to segment your image , And then through each node or large selection for conversion .

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