What is the level of Li Tao, the "first person of PS in China"? Is it really the first or the fake master?

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writing | Xiaohou

Xiao Hou, the author of this article, has been engaged in the study of PS Software related work is close to 10 year , has Use PS Software 10 Over the years . It is estimated that the layman will not adapt to the tone of this article , But I want to learn PS Of , And like PS All of my friends can read this article patiently .

This article will not cover too many technical things , The layman can also understand this article .

Besides , I Xiaohou will not belittle Li Tao with just one mouth , I now challenge Li Tao openly , Compete for real strength , It depends on whether Li Tao dares to fight ! If Li Tao doesn't accept , You can beat me with real skills , Save his face ……

explain : This is just an illustration of the article , It's not for competition , To compare is not to design , It's more than software technology

Why should I expose Li Tao's PS level ?

Li Tao's PS Is the level really the first in China ?

Is Li Tao a master ?

Why is it that Li Tao doesn't conform to my set of judgments PS The standard of teacher's level ?

Whether my criteria are reasonable ?

Since it is Adobe Officially recognized people , Why are there so many questions ?

Fake master ? really “ rookie ”?

Now Xiao Hou Tao has launched a public challenge to me

If you want me to give up public challenge or disclosure

Li Tao

Text :

I don't know when to start , Li Tao was detained somehow “ China PS The first person ” The title of . It's good for all of us PS Software , And other people with practical experience say , It's a great offense .

It's so weird , When did we have a competition with Li Tao in the official competition ? How could he be number one ? Who has seen it with his own eyes? We are not as good as him ? Where is Li Tao better than us ?

Who admitted that he was the first in China ? At least I didn't admit it ?

Although it seems naive to argue about this topic , But I can't take the offense , There are absolutely no new people who want to mislead the authority , So I still feel unbearable .

Li Tao

In fact, I don't just think that the topic of controversy is a bit naive , I'm starting to feel like I've been playing PS This software is a bit of a shame , And the more powerful I feel , The more humiliating , Not to mention claiming to be number one . So I will never take the initiative to mention myself in front of others PS Skill level , Because I'm sorry to open this mouth .

Because as long as these things are not used for work , All belong to boring things , It's not a glorious thing . Only Li Tao thinks that it's a great honor for him to play half his life or half a barrel of water , Boasting to be the first person in the country .

Li Tao's own teaching website has put up “ China PS The first person ” An introduction to the , He's not naive , Then I would not hesitate to accompany this Li Tao to be childish , Let's talk about whether Li Tao is the number one in China .

Screenshot of Li Tao's teaching website

I often hear people mention Li Tao , Li Tao is always said to be so powerful that it can't be surpassed , And praised his course for being detailed , Always give him a high opinion ( Of course , Most of these people who praise Li Tao are also laymen , or PS Novice ).

I was intrigued to find out , I was looking for Li Tao PS To see how well he works . But I searched all over the Internet and couldn't find one of Li Tao's PS works .

Remember from 2012 Year begins , Li Tao is always mentioned in front of me , Since then, I have been looking for Li Tao's PS works , But so far it's fast 10 Years. , I have never found a formal one for Li Tao PS works ( I've been looking for Li Tao PS works , It sounds like I'm too serious , But people often flatter Li Tao to my face , Especially those laymen , And it happens again and again , Can I not go and find out ?).

Take a look at Li Tao's PS Tutorial video , I found that the cover of his tutorial video clearly indicated that it was recorded in 2006 year . in other words , Since Li Tao began to do video tutorials , At least there are 15 Years. .

enjoy undeserved fame 15 Over the years , There's not a single work , Why is that ? What does that mean ? It's because you're worried about revealing , Dare not publish works ?

Screenshot of Li Tao's tutorial video cover

Since we can't find his work , That can only be explored from his tutorial video , The person who flatters Li Tao in front of me has sent me a video of Li Tao's tutorial .

Open Li Tao's tutorial video , The more I look at it, the more I feel sick , How can I not expose him ?

I found that Li Tao had no work experience at all , Only theoretical knowledge .

And it's not systematic enough , There's no whole idea , It's all about patchwork , Where you think about it, you talk about it . His tutorials are all about one episode at a time , Teaching methods are actually the same as “ Xingshuai Network College ” It's almost the same ( The point of this article is not to say that Xing Shuai , Let's not talk about Xing Shuai here , Is Xing Shuai good or not , Anyone who knows them knows ……), It's just that Li Tao is more specific .

for example “ Some handsome Network College ” The way of teaching :

The first lesson 、 Move tool

The second lesson 、 Marquee Tool

Lesson three 、 Magic wand tools


What Li Tao said :



Color matching


Isn't both the same thing ? It's all the same stuff , Every time there's a little episode , It's not systematic at all . This problem is decided by the level of teachers themselves , It's a defect in the overall thinking .

And I also found that there are a lot of common sense mistakes in Li Tao's course .

I don't know who put it on such a person “ China PS The first person ” The title of , It's a great insult to us . How can we be better than such a false name , but 15 I've been afraid to publish a work for years , People who dare not come up with real materials to prove their strength ? How come we are not as good as such a person with a teaching idea like a loose sand ?

Just one mouth “ Beep beep beep ” Why does the theory come to us ? We've got a bunch of heads hanging on our heads , It can really bluff a bunch of laymen , But you can't bluff the experts .

Even though “ China PS The first person ” At first, it may not be Li Tao's self appointed title ( Now he has embraced the title , And put it on my website ), But it's not because of you, Li Tao “ loading X” Over head , You'll be given such a title , It's also because of you that you've offended us , So I have to question you publicly .

Li Tao's “ China PS The first person ” The question of whether the title is self appointed should be put aside , Li Tao always opens his mouth in his tutorial videos “ Master's Road ”, Closed mouth “ Master improve chapter ”, It can be seen that Li Tao himself is a master in front of novices , It's worth exploring whether Li Tao is an expert or not , Did you mislead new people .

Screenshot of Li Tao's tutorial video cover

I just recently wrote an article to teach you how to judge PS Teacher level articles , This article is based on what I have seen and heard over the years , And what I learned from my own experience .

I listed in the article 7 How to judge , It is explained in detail , The full text 7000 More than words .

But those who have read my article , It should be clear whether my criteria are reasonable or not .

After writing and publishing, I suddenly thought of , How can Li Tao not meet my standard .

Li Tao was also mentioned in my article , Why don't you just tell me why Li Tao doesn't meet my standard ?

Plus I was in 2012 Li Tao has been posted on the Internet in 1995 PS level , But at that time, I didn't know the power of we media platform , Send to the general forum, not many people can see . Now let's talk about the level of Li Tao .

1. About pen tools

I have never seen Li Tao explain PS The pen tool . Even though he had a tutorial, the video mentioned path matting , It's a stroke , Nothing about pen tools , Obviously avoiding explaining pen tools .

What's more, Li Tao has never stressed the importance of pen tools , It can be seen that Li Tao does not understand the importance of pen tools .

I have never seen Li Tao use pen tools . When Li Tao is deleting redundant parts of complicated graphics , Nor did he use the pen path to circle it all at once , Instead, use a brush and mask to daub for half a day .

There is a great possibility that , Li Tao can't use PS The pen tool . Even if Li Tao can use the pen tool , It's also impossible to count as a good pen tool .

I said in that article , I use the pen tool 10 I haven't met my opponent for years , Li Tao's ability to use pen tools can be compared with mine , But at least you should be able to use the pen tool to make very difficult effects , It's a pen. It's a good tool . Never emphasize the importance of pen tools , Li Tao, who never uses pen tools , I don't believe he can do it .

So the first one , Li Tao is obviously not in line with .

2. About brush tools

Li Tao has never seen any technical works with brush tools . In his tutorial video , And he didn't use his brush to deal with anything technical . therefore , We can't find any evidence to prove that Li Tao's brush tools are well used .

3. About the work

Li Tao has never published any official PS works , In addition to his tutorial video relatively simple dermabrasion effect , And some works that are not works automatically generated by functions like polar coordinates , I can't find Li Tao's other official PS works .

4. Software operation proficiency

We can see from Li Tao's video that , Li Tao is a kind of habitual click mouse operation ( Don't argue with me that Li Tao is to facilitate students to see his operation , In fact, Li Tao is habitual, only trying to operate himself , If you observe carefully, you will know . If you can use the shortcut key , He used it for a long time ), In the eyes of Xiaohou, who is accustomed to the whole process shortcut key operation , Li Tao is absolutely unskilled . Even if it doesn't require the whole process shortcut key operation , Li Tao is not a skilled operator .

5. About whether the teaching method is systematic enough

This problem has been mentioned before , and “ Some handsome Network College ” equally , lacking spirit of cooperation . It's just that Li Tao talked in more detail .

6. Whether the teaching content is specific to a certain field

Li Tao's teaching content is aimless , I'll talk about repairing photos later , I'll talk about painting , I'll talk about synthesis . It's totally unprofessional ( Professionalism is not equal to not talking about PS All functions of , You can also use all the functions when you are specialized in a certain field ), There is no purpose . Maybe he doesn't know what the use of teaching people these things is , Where to use it .

7. Relevant work experience

From Li Tao, there is no purposeful teaching method , And from some common sense mistakes he made , Li Tao is obviously not engaged in with PS Software related work ( A person with no practical experience , No matter how high the level is, it can't go anywhere ).

I list the judgments PS The level of teachers is 7 Is there any reason for this , It's easy to prove , And it can withstand scrutiny .

In that case , Let's talk about the reason why Li Tao doesn't meet the criteria .

Since Li Tao Everything “ Shot in the ”, There must be a reason .

Don't think you understand PS All kinds of functions in the software are masters , If you can't even do a very simple effect , It's useless to understand the function . All in all , If you can't get the real material, it doesn't mean you are a master .

For example, Li Tao's own account portrait , That's a good example ( To prevent someone from taking advantage of copyright , So I coded the picture , People who know him should have seen what his head looks like , You can search for the ones you haven't seen ). He obviously wanted to paint a portrait of himself in a painting way , But not enough , I guess it was a few strokes with a brush , It's not like four .

If Li Tao reaches home with his brush , Can you draw such a miserable figure ? I dare to use it as a head portrait when I draw it like this , I admire his courage .

If Li Tao is good at using pen tools , There's no need to lose that kind of face .

( Here is my pen work , Send it out to open his eyes to Li Tao . By the way, explain , The portrait looks young , Actually, I'm not that young )

Xiao Hou's self portrait (PS works )

This image is all drawn by the vector path shape layer , It can be zoomed in and out without affecting clarity . Send a screenshot of the split layer and layer panel :

Speaking of this , Someone may have doubts about it , Since Li Tao is so poor , Why not many people can find ? Why do you hear me say ?

The problem is actually very simple , The course is for novice or not high level people to see . No real master will go to his tutorial , So few people can find out Li Tao's problem .

Another example of a problem that few people can find out . I found that Li Tao has done a lot of color matching courses , But I didn't find out that he had done a course in proofreading the color of printing , And there are serious mistakes in his course that conflict with common sense of color correction .

Proofreading and color matching are not the same thing . There is no specific standard for color matching , The color wants to be thicker , A little more colorful , Look better. , You can decide for yourself . And proofread the print color , It must be as like as two peas , It's not the same thing as color matching .

But in the actual work , Besides the studio , Most of them need color correction , It's very rare that you need to tone . Besides , The more difficult thing is obviously color correction , There is no difficulty in color matching without specific standards , It's no use talking too much .

Li Tao

For example, Li Tao teaches you , Documents that need to be printed , When you make a picture, use RBG Pattern making , So the software runs faster . After you finish the diagram, you can switch CMYK Color mode to print . And it emphasizes , To be in CMYK Preview in color mode .

This is the proof that Li Tao has no work experience . Actually in CMYK Preview in color mode is redundant . Documents that need to be printed at work , There are many customers who have very high requirements for color , It's not in CMYK In preview mode , What color does the eye see , It's accurate , No one's eyes can be so accurate .

Besides, the color will change when changing the color mode , This is a very serious common sense problem !

Li Tao also told you , In the future, I will do this in my work , No problem .

But I'll tell you with iron facts , If we use Li Tao's method to draw pictures in our work , Not only will there be problems , And the problem is very big . If you meet a big customer , It may be too much for you .

To move 、 Unicom's VI Color, for example , They have strict requirements . Their standard color is in CMYK In mode, cyan is 100%, Magenta is for 60%, Yellow is 0%, Black is 0%.

Now you can build a new one according to Li Tao's method RBG Color pattern document , Enter mobile or Unicom's VI Color data , And fill in the color , See what the result is .

I entered the data exactly , Blue is 100%, Magenta is for 60%, Yellow is 0%, Black is 0%.

After filling, but , The blue color became 91%, Magenta became 66%. Itself is 0% And the yellow color has become 7%.

Interested friends try to find out whether the fact is so .

The wrong method suggested by Li Tao results in

Ignore Li Tao's emphasis on the use of CMYK Color mode preview this step , This step can only deceive your own eyes .

So just switch directly CMYK Color pattern to see what the results are .

After the transformation , The color data is still cyan 91%, Magenta 66%, yellow 7%, black 0%.

It's not mobile or Unicom at all VI Blue of color 100%, Red 60% The color data of . This is what Li Tao emphasizes “ No problem ”.

Especially for big companies VI color , They are very demanding . In the work to the larger company to do the map , Containing them VI In the case of color , If we use Li Tao's method to make a picture , You'll have to pay for it , The customer will not ask for the goods .

In fact, if you want to accurately print out mobile or Unicom's VI color , The method is very simple . Directly in CMYK Drawing in color mode , Input color data cyan 100%, Red 60%, yellow 0%, black 0%, And for coloring . This is how it works , As long as your machine nozzle is OK , There will be no mistake in the colors printed out .

A screenshot of the correct operation method emphasized by Xiao hou

When it comes to the color requirements of some customers , To what extent , It's frightening to say it .

Remember when I worked for an advertising agency , There's a client in Hong Kong , It's a special advertisement for Nestle ice cream . Every time she comes to print , They're all self-contained documents , The pictures are all designed by her , No more drawings for her .

But she'll bring a model , As like as two peas, the required print color must be exactly the same as her model . After printing it out , She'll take the samples and paste them together for comparison , As long as you can see a line in the color , The two sides of the newly printed and her pattern can't be fully integrated , She doesn't want it .

So close to the contrast , As long as the color has 1% The difference between , She could see . As like as two peas, she will ask you to proofread the color to her , No difference 1% until .

But it happens to be a big customer of our company , Every time she comes, she will make things over tens of thousands of yuan , And I come many times a month . This kind of big client is difficult to serve , I can't afford it .

If Li Tao and his students meet such a client , She'll treat you to it “ Shredded squid ”.

Can make such a big mistake in the tutorial to mislead new people , This is also obviously the best proof that Li Tao has no work experience .

We can see from this example that , Li Tao doesn't really know what proofreading colors are .

Li Tao's favorite course is color knowledge , But it's color knowledge that makes the most mistakes .

For example, Li Tao talked about printing security colors in the tutorial video , It's a place where people with relevant work experience will laugh off their big teeth .

He set the document to CMYK Preview Mode , Then drag the color picker to select the color . Drag to select bright red , I'll tell you :“ The color warning here is something to pay attention to .”

There are some contradictions in his statement . The color in the color picker is RGB The scope of the pattern . If you have a high demand for color , You shouldn't mess around in the color picker .

The correct way to choose a standard bright red that can be used for printing is , stay CMYK In color mode ( It refers to placing the document directly in CMYK Color mode , It's not a temporary preview CMYK Pattern ), Input CMYK Color data ,C by 0%,M by 100%,Y by 100%,K by 0% that will do . This is a CMYK The most standard red in color mode .

If the color is chosen without specific standards ,PS There's also a web security palette in your palette , And printing safety color plates , Where do you need to mess up in the color picker ?

Pick up is in the case of low color requirements , When the picture is convenient .

Li Tao had to teach everyone to go. It was RGB Drag the color selected for printing in the color picker of the color range , But also stressed the need to pay attention to the safety color warning . In addition, it also teaches us to be in RGB Drawing in color mode , Switch back later CMYK Color mode to print , As soon as you change the color mode, it changes color . The sentence Li Tao emphasized “ We need to pay attention to ” It's like taking off your pants and farting !

If it's the Hong Kong customer I cited earlier , A sentence from you Li Tao “ This is something that needs attention ” Can you solve the problem ?

It can be seen from these examples that , My criteria are reasonable , To be accurate .

Considering that many of you don't understand PS Friends of software , Let's not give too many examples of technical knowledge . In fact, Li Tao has too many problems , understand PS Software friends who are interested in , Please see the other articles I will send to the tutorial number later .

Screenshot of Li Tao's tutorial video

Screenshot of Li Tao's tutorial video

My friends have asked me :“ Since Li Tao is Adobe Officially recognized people , Why are there so many problems .”

In fact, the friends who have seen the relevant formal examination questions should be able to find out what is going on . It's because the official examination questions are too rigid , There's something wrong with the way the exam is .

For example, the name of an operation , People who are good at software , At ordinary times, these operations may have their own more used to call . But in the formal examination questions, it is a standard name , The requirement must be in the name specified by him .

In this way , It happens that many people who use software very well fail the exam .

For example, the point in the path of the pen tool , A lot of people call it a node . But in the regular examination questions , It's commonly called an anchor .

If it's a person who uses pen tools very well, go to the exam , Come across this question , Call it a node , If you don't call it an anchor , The official will think that your pen tool is not up to standard .

If you are a person who can't use pen tools at all , Just remember it's called anchor , Just remember the name , The official would think that he used pen tools very well .

This is it. Adobe Problems with the way official examinations are conducted .

Li Tao has no practical experience , To study only these things , I'm just good at this kind of opportunism .

therefore , If you can get official recognition, it doesn't mean it must be very powerful .

In the example pointed out above , You can also see what level Li Tao is .

How many pounds do you have? Do you not know ? What kind of fat man do you look like ? For this kind of fake master , I don't think it's necessary to be too polite to him .

therefore , I think Li Tao is “ rookie ” Level , It should be expressed exactly as “ rookie ”. Do I have to be polite and polite :“ I'm not sure you're “ food ” No “ food ”, We can also learn from each other .” Isn't it hard for laymen to understand ? I don't think it's necessary .

also , I have the right to question him , So I think it should be simple and crude , The most straightforward way to point out that he is “ rookie ” Is the most appropriate title to him , So I'm in my other original PS The review area of the course number is about Li Tao himself , It has been made clear that he is “ rookie ” level .

Comment on the screenshot of my shoe effect and the poster work of stand cool author desk song :

The next day after AIT Litao , Li Tao has a suspected response to micro blog news .

As to whether or not to respond to my , I would also like to ask you to have a look at . If that doesn't hold up , Then it might as well come to an open contest ( Of course, that's not the main reason why I challenged him ).

I have made it clear that Li Tao belongs to the rookie level .

If Li Tao doesn't accept , It's simple , Please show me the real material to prove that you are better than me .

I've figured out how to prove it , Absolutely fair and just . We don't have to rely on one mouth “ Beep beep beep ” To win , Take out the real Kung Fu to compete directly . This kind of time should be able to move hand to hand , Less “ Beep beep beep ” Move your mouth , To show real strength .

It's the competition for effect , Dare you come ?

As for the effect , It doesn't have to be entirely up to me , It's not entirely decided by Li Tao , It's not up to netizens to decide .

If it's up to me to decide what effect to do , It's unfair to Li Tao ; If it's up to Li Tao to decide , It's not fair to me . If you let the netizen decide , Many of the netizens are not experts , The layman does not know what effect to do to distinguish the high from the low .

The way I think about it is , We each choose an effect , And then both of them do both of these effects .

That is to say , You do what I choose , I do the effect of your choice .

for example , Li Tao chose A effect , I fast B effect . Then Li Tao and I both did A Let's see the effect , Both at the same time B The effect comes out and let's see . Who is higher and who is lower , Everyone will watch .

But you can't choose your own old work , therefore , The effect of your choice , Do it yourself , And it has to be public, at least 20 A screenshot of the production process ( The screenshots should cover every stage of the production process , We can't just cut off a certain stage of 20 Zhang ), Or send a video of the production process ( You can avoid the whole process , From start to end , Pick a clip from each stage , The total time is 5 About minutes ).

Whether it's a screenshot of the production process or a video , You have to show the whole software interface , Including layers panel , And the effect in making , Prevent cheating with other software . After the production is completed and the effect is made public , The other side's query must be explained ( most 5 A question , Of course, you can also give up questioning ), Don't ask others to do it for you .

This is absolutely fair and just , It's up to you, Li Tao, to take up the challenge .

Of course, I know , Li Tao is sure to talk about the problem that he has more fans than me , With “ Don't want to send traffic to people who have fewer fans than him ” citing , Don't respond to me .

Because once there's a fight , It's going to ruin his reputation , The true face of his fake master is exposed , It's going to cost him his job , He was obviously ten thousand reluctant .

Keep leaning on your mouth “ Beep beep beep ”, Can still act as “ China first ”, Continue to insult the whole PS field , That's what he likes most .

But it doesn't matter , He really doesn't want to send traffic to others , Or there's no technology at all , I don't dare to respond , Don't dare to fight with real bullets , I believe that there are still many people with a clear eye , Everyone will watch . therefore , If Li Tao wants to just talk, he will continue to be the first , Insult the whole field , That's impossible !

explain : This is just an illustration of the article , It's not for competition , To compare is not to design , It's more than software technology

If Li Tao wants me to give up the open challenge , Giving up public disclosure of his rookie level , It's also very simple. .

Please call Li Tao on your teaching website “ China PS The first person ” Get rid of the introduction of , And make a public statement to the whole PS Domain apology . Otherwise, I won't let go of this kind of fake master , I'll stick to long-term exposure .

You claim to be number one , It's an offense to me , It's an insult , Of course I won't be polite to you .

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