Photography: Body Art

2020-11-19 22:31:08  作者:Mobile phone photography

" Cary has money 、 There's oil in the car 、 The cell phone has power ", Today we have to have these three , Talent has a solid foundation . Of course , there " Yes " It means enough . For me , There has to be one more thing , The phone has to have enough memory , In order to meet the walking and shooting preferences .

The first few years , Whenever I find the scenery beautiful , I'll take a SLR to shoot . These two years , Mobile phone photo taking is becoming more and more convenient , The SLR is in the camera bag , I haven't seen the world for half a year . Just take it out in your spare time , Blowing dust at home , Take a few pictures , It's like an agent who hasn't been on a mission for a long time , In case it doesn't work .

I'm walking down the street , Occasionally, I would stir up a few pieces of hair in the circle of friends , Friends say : You have a pair of eyes that can find beauty ! This praise makes my nose blister , stay " Readily take " The road is getting farther and farther .

see , While my son is making up lessons , I went for a walk in the neighborhood , I was immediately attracted by the body sculpture inside . High end atmospheric design 、 Delicate and smooth texture , Full of artistic atmosphere , Place oneself among them , It's like walking down the streets of Paris .

It's a wonderful feeling that makes people think about it , The people who live in it have to be more elegant : Listen to the music and walk 、 Chatting with coffee 、 Walking the dog with a newspaper , Otherwise, it really doesn't fit in with the artistic atmosphere ……

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