Photo: a postcard for you

2020-11-19 22:27:54  作者:Mobile phone photography

The old days were slow

I'll send a postcard

Don't write about horses and chariots

Only write like water missing

Put a clear postmark on it

Just to meet

How fast things are going these days

Too fast to buy a postcard

There's no more rickshaw

You don't have to write like water missing

The ends of the earth

It's just a moment to meet

But I also like

Seeing your letters is like seeing you in person.

Shot in Longbei mountain

Startled and turned back , There is hatred, no man will save . Pick all the cold branches and refuse to live , Lonely sandbars are cold .

In Sports Square

Standing alone on this stage , Just listen to the applause , I can't stop my tears ……

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