Distance between saying and doing

2020-11-19 22:27:51  作者:Photography with temperature

morning , My son doesn't want to go to school again , He felt very tired at school , It's not that you can't learn , I think it is very different from my previous school life , Or it's very different from his previous life , In the old days, all you had to do was move your mouth , When learning, you only need to read and recite , Now the requirements are different , for instance , At school , Clean yourself , The content of learning should not only be able to , And copy , Dictation , Even physical education is no longer just for fun , There is no standard , It's about learning to broadcast gymnastics , To be able to skip rope …… All this , It will make the child feel very tired , The kids don't do too much at home , Except for what you want to do .

Children's words and deeds do not represent all children , But it's definitely a problem that most children have . Today, my son's performance made me realize that he used to talk a lot , Do less , I always think he's still young , You should learn to say . Actually , If I had asked him to synchronize speaking and doing , There may not be such resistance today , At least a lot less .

In the process of children's growth , We always find different problems , Patiently understand , Solve with your heart , Give yourself and your children the opportunity to progress together .

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