How dissatisfied are you with me when you are so nostalgic

2020-11-19 22:27:49  作者:Photography with temperature

Always pretending to be calm , I'm really tired .

I don't understand , Why can't you let go of your past , With me , Have you been wronged ?

You say? , At that time , You have so many good friends , cherish the same ideals and follow the same path , How happy we are together every day . You say? , The one you like , Good looking , Thin and tall . You say? , The one who likes you , How gentle and kind , How understanding . You say? , The one you've been after for a long time , It's still beautiful , colorful ……

I can only listen to , Listen to the , Look at ……

I think , That should be the case . But , I don't understand , You're showing me your past , Still complaining that I'm not good enough to you .

I'm like telling you , But you didn't have me in your past , Is this me ?

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