How much influence do parents' feelings have on their children

2020-11-19 22:27:48  作者:Photography with temperature

I don't want to go home after graduation , Stay in the big city and fight , Because I don't want to go home from work every day, what haunts me is the atmosphere of indifference and complaint , I can't feel my parents are in love at home , More at this age , Just make do with each other .

I grew up not without the love of parents , contrary , They all love me , All the love was given to me , I don't love each other very much .

When I was young, they would deliberately avoid my quarrel , But unfortunately , Actually, I know , Although I know everything , But it's also very clever not to mention . They have been very strict with me since childhood , I dare not tell them that I want to go out with my friends , I dare not tell them I want to watch TV , I can't say I want to have a mobile phone …

I don't want to talk back to them , I don't want to see my mother when she's sad , So even if they want me to disagree , I'm not going to fight .

Everyone says I'm good , In fact, it's just putting everything in your heart . That's why I don't want to know how to communicate with others . They say I'm introverted and quiet , In fact, I have a lot of thoughts in my heart , I didn't know how to express it before , I don't know how to communicate with others , Because I'm used to thinking about things in my heart , Instead of communicating with others .

Don't think the child knows nothing , In fact, they know everything , They can feel the love between their parents

I hope the other half of me will love me seriously , Instead of making do with it like a parent , I hope my children will grow up in a loving family , He knew for sure that , Mom and dad are in love , Mom and Dad love him too , He will understand and have the ability to love others

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