Do parents in law have to bring grandchildren?

2020-11-19 22:27:47  作者:Photography with temperature

In a headline, I saw a girl who wrote that she had two children , Pick up the big students to school every day , And bring a small one . My father-in-law goes out to do odd jobs every morning , My mother-in-law just keeps some poultry at home , Plant some vegetables , Then cook and wait for my father-in-law to come back to eat , Both of them are old , What do you do to earn money ? I have two children, and the old couple don't want to help . She was very angry and broken down inside . So now you don't help me with the baby , Don't think we can support you in the future .

Is that reasonable ? Don't help you with your kids , You won't keep them old , Do you need someone else to bring your baby ?

I don't understand what her father-in-law and her mother-in-law do to earn money ? What do you make money for ? You suffer from raising children , Can you blame your father-in-law ? Did they force you to have a baby ?

We all know how to pity our parents , It's not easy for our parents to bring us up , When we get married , They also feel in their hearts that the task is done , Live a little bit of your own life , Shouldn't it be so hard ?

We started when we got married , The days when you can really live for yourself , It's almost all in 50 After the age of , Because at this time, their children should have their own small family , We can let go , And then live a two person world that really belongs to you . If the kids are going to force us to bring our grandchildren , When can we live our own life ?

Life is short , Don't let your parents live for themselves in their lifetime , Don't let yourself live for yourself in your lifetime .

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