Adult emotions

2020-11-19 22:27:45  作者:Photography with temperature

I feel very depressed recently , It's all the depression that people around me care about . One always told me that I was tired , He's under a lot of pressure now , This is not the life he wants . The other is that you can't find a good job , Don't have the money , Not even living expenses recently , Depressed all day . It's hard to make money !

Although I am also confused , But at least for now , I don't feel that life is depressing , But the atmosphere they gave me made me breathless , I don't know how to comfort , What to say to make them feel better , Not so depressed all day .

Their bad mood successfully affected me , Let me worry with them all day . Even when they told me this , It's embarrassing for me , Because there's nothing I can do , I have no good way to help them , I'm just like this , I'm not much better myself .

It's hard to live carefree !

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