Adults have no real friends

2020-11-19 22:27:44  作者:Photography with temperature

In junior high school, I dare say I have good friends But after I went to college, especially after working, I found that I didn't have a real friend Because good friends have good friends You don't want to be nice Unless your parents Because a lot of people are selfish Including myself I suddenly found that I didn't seem to have any friends People in the company can only chat as colleagues When you need help most, it may be strangers who help you The biggest loneliness of adults is not eating hot pot alone It's about having no real friends

There is only a balance of advantages and disadvantages in society No one is really your friend Sometimes you want to talk to someone and find that no one can really understand you, so just don't say it No one understood what he said ( This is just my personal point of view )

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