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The child has a cold and a cough , It caused laryngitis in children , Hoarse , Difficulty in breathing , Take care of him at night , Several times I opened the book , Give me a few likes , I want to write a few words , I was disturbed by the child's cough . Back and forth several times , I didn't write a word , I didn't sleep the night before , No sleep during the day , At seven or eight in the evening , The child nests around playing with toys , The eyelids don't listen , Always falling down .

Struggling for more than ten minutes, I opened my eyes , Look at the children , Think of a simple book , Procrastinate , Coax the baby to sleep , Half to one side , Keep an eye on . In childhood N The second arch to the arms, let the embrace suddenly awake , The child is getting better , But it's already past 12 o'clock , Procrastinate , The Japanese watch did not write .

I'm busy in the morning , I think of rigeng again , Day by day is to change day by day , It doesn't matter if you miss one day , Although there are resurrection cards , But I always feel bad about it , Make up for it , Make up for yesterday's , I feel better .

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